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[121 STAT. 1223]
[121 STAT. 1223]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–114—NOV. 8, 2007

121 STAT. 1223

(6) ADDITIONAL STUDIES AND ANALYSES.—After submission of a report under paragraph (5), the Secretary shall conduct studies and analyses of projects related to the comprehensive plan that are appropriate and consistent with this subsection. (c) GENERAL PROVISIONS.— (1) WATER QUALITY.—In carrying out activities under this section, the Secretary’s recommendations shall be consistent with applicable State water quality standards. (2) PUBLIC PARTICIPATION.—In developing the comprehensive plan under subsection (b), the Secretary shall implement procedures to facilitate public participation, including providing advance notice of meetings, providing adequate opportunity for public input and comment, maintaining appropriate records, and making a record of the proceedings of meetings available for public inspection. (d) CRITICAL PROJECTS AND INITIATIVES.—If the Secretary, in cooperation with appropriate Federal agencies and the State of Illinois, determines that a project or initiative for the Kaskaskia River Basin will produce independent, immediate, and substantial benefits, the Secretary may proceed with the implementation of the project. (e) COORDINATION.—The Secretary shall integrate activities carried out under this section with ongoing Federal and State programs, projects, and activities, including the following: (1) Farm programs of the Department of Agriculture. (2) Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (State of Illinois) and Conservation 2000 Ecosystem Program of the Illinois department of natural resources. (3) Conservation 2000 Conservation Practices Program and the Livestock Management Facilities Act administered by the Illinois department of agriculture. (4) National Buffer Initiative of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. (5) Nonpoint source grant program administered by the Illinois environmental protection agency. (6) Other programs that may be developed by the State of Illinois or the Federal Government, or that are carried out by nonprofit organizations, to carry out the objectives of the Kaskaskia River Basin Comprehensive Plan. (f) IN-KIND SERVICES.—The Secretary may credit the cost of in-kind services provided by the non-Federal interest for an activity carried out under this section toward not more than 80 percent of the non-Federal share of the cost of the activity. In-kind services shall include all State funds expended on programs that accomplish the goals of this section, as determined by the Secretary. The programs may include the Kaskaskia River Conservation Reserve Program, the Illinois Conservation 2000 Program, the Open Lands Trust Fund, and other appropriate programs carried out in the Kaskaskia River Basin. (g) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There is authorized to be appropriated $20,000,000 to carry out this section.



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(a) SOUTHWEST ILLINOIS DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘Southwest Illinois’’ means the counties of Madison, St. Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Perry, Franklin, Jackson, Union, Alexander, Pulaski, and Williamson, Illinois.

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