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[121 STAT. 1262]
[121 STAT. 1262]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 1262

PUBLIC LAW 110–114—NOV. 8, 2007

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‘‘(139) MOULTRIE, GEORGIA.—$5,000,000 for water supply infrastructure, Moultrie, Georgia. ‘‘(140) STEPHENS COUNTY/CITY OF TOCCOA, GEORGIA.— $8,000,000 water infrastructure improvements, Stephens County/city of Toccoa, Georgia. ‘‘(141) NORTH VERNON AND BUTLERVILLE, INDIANA.— $1,700,000 for wastewater infrastructure, North Vernon and Butlerville, Indiana. ‘‘(142) SALEM, WASHINGTON COUNTY, INDIANA.—$3,200,000 for water supply infrastructure, Salem, Washington County, Indiana. ‘‘(143) ATCHISON, KANSAS.—$20,000,000 to address combined sewer overflows, Atchison, Kansas. ‘‘(144) CENTRAL KENTUCKY.—$10,000,000 for water related infrastructure and resource protection and development, Scott, Franklin, Woodford, Anderson, Fayette, Mercer, Jessamine, Boyle, Lincoln, Garrard, Madison, Estill, Powell, Clark, Montgomery, and Bourbon Counties, Kentucky. ‘‘(145) LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA.—$1,200,000 for water and wastewater improvements, Lafayette, Louisiana. ‘‘(146) LAFOURCHE PARISH, LOUISIANA.—$2,300,000 for measures to prevent the intrusion of saltwater into the freshwater system, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. ‘‘(147) LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA.—$1,000,000 for water and wastewater improvements, Lake Charles, Louisiana. ‘‘(148) NORTHWEST LOUISIANA COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS, LOUISIANA.—$2,000,000 for water and wastewater improvements, Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments, Louisiana. ‘‘(149) OUACHITA PARISH, LOUISIANA.—$1,000,000 for water and wastewater improvements, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. ‘‘(150) PLAQUEMINE, LOUISIANA.—$7,000,000 for sanitary sewer and wastewater infrastructure, Plaquemine, Louisiana. ‘‘(151) RAPIDES AREA PLANNING COMMISSION, LOUISIANA.— $1,000,000 for water and wastewater improvements, Rapides, Louisiana. ‘‘(152) SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA.—$20,000,000 for water supply infrastructure in Shreveport, Louisiana. ‘‘(153) SOUTH CENTRAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION, LOUISIANA.—$2,500,000 for water and wastewater improvements, South Central Planning and Development Commission, Louisiana. ‘‘(154) UNION-LINCOLN REGIONAL WATER SUPPLY PROJECT, LOUISIANA.—$2,000,000 for the Union-Lincoln Regional Water Supply project, Louisiana. ‘‘(155) CHESAPEAKE BAY IMPROVEMENTS, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.—$30,000,000 for environmental infrastructure projects to benefit the Chesapeake Bay, including the nutrient removal project at the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment facility in the District of Columbia. ‘‘(156) CHESAPEAKE BAY REGION, MARYLAND AND VIRGINIA.— $40,000,000 for water pollution control, Chesapeake Bay Region, Maryland and Virginia. ‘‘(157) MICHIGAN COMBINED SEWER OVERFLOWS.— $35,000,000 for correction of combined sewer overflows, Michigan.

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