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[121 STAT. 1406]
[121 STAT. 1406]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

121 STAT. 1406

PUBLIC LAW 110–134—DEC. 12, 2007

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‘‘(B) is based on scientifically valid research and has standardized training procedures and curriculum materials to support implementation; ‘‘(C) is comprehensive and linked to ongoing assessment, with developmental and learning goals and measurable objectives; ‘‘(D) is focused on improving the learning environment, teaching practices, family involvement, and child outcomes across all areas of development; and ‘‘(E) is aligned with the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework developed by the Secretary and, as appropriate, State early learning standards; ‘‘(4) implement effective interventions and support services that help promote the school readiness of children participating in the program; ‘‘(5) use research-based assessment methods that reflect the characteristics described in section 641A(b)(2) in order to support the educational instruction and school readiness of children in the program; ‘‘(6) use research-based developmental screening tools that have been demonstrated to be standardized, reliable, valid, and accurate for the child being assessed, to the maximum extent practicable, for the purpose of meeting the relevant standards described in section 641A(a)(1); ‘‘(7) adopt, in consultation with experts in child development and with classroom teachers, an evaluation to assess whether classroom teachers have mastered the functions discussed in section 648A(a)(1); ‘‘(8) use the information provided from the assessment conducted under section 641A(c)(2)(F) to inform professional development plans, as appropriate, that lead to improved teacher effectiveness; ‘‘(9) establish goals and measurable objectives for the provision of health, educational, nutritional, and social services provided under this subchapter and related to the program mission and to promote school readiness; and ‘‘(10) develop procedures for identifying children who are limited English proficient, and informing the parents of such children about the instructional services used to help children make progress towards acquiring the knowledge and skills described in section 641A(a)(1)(B) and acquisition of the English language. ‘‘(g) FUNDED ENROLLMENT; WAITING LIST.—Each Head Start agency shall enroll 100 percent of its funded enrollment and maintain an active waiting list at all times with ongoing outreach to the community and activities to identify underserved populations. ‘‘(h) TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND TRAINING PLAN.—In order to receive funds under this subchapter, a Head Start agency shall develop an annual technical assistance and training plan. Such plan shall be based on the agency’s self-assessment, the communitywide strategic planning and needs assessment, the needs of parents and children to be served by such agency, and the results of the reviews conducted under section 641A(c). ‘‘(i) FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.—In order to receive funds under this subchapter, a Head Start agency shall document strong fiscal controls, including the employment of well-qualified fiscal staff with

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