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[121 STAT. 2399]
[121 STAT. 2399]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–161—DEC. 26, 2007

121 STAT. 2399

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Lane Transit District, Pioneer Parkway EmX Corridor, Oregon, $14,504,000. Long Island Rail Road East Side Access, New York, $210,700,000. MARC Commuter Rail Improvements and Rolling Stock, Maryland, $9,800,000. MBTA Fitchburg to Boston Rail Corridor Project, Massachusetts, $5,880,000. METRA Connects Southeast Service, Illinois, $7,227,500. METRA Star Line, Illinois, $7,227,500. METRA Union Pacific Northwest Line, Illinois, $7,227,500. METRA Union Pacific West Line, Illinois, $7,227,500. Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension, California, $78,400,000. Metrorail Orange Line Expansion, Florida, $1,960,000. Metro Rapid Bus System Gap Closure, Los Angeles, California, $16,347,380. Mid-Jordan Light Rail Extension, Utah, $19,600,000. Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex County Passenger Rail, New Jersey, $980,000. New Britain-Hartford Busway, Connecticut, $3,271,632. Norfolk Light Rail Project, Virginia, $23,030,000. North Corridor, Houston and Southeast Corridor, Texas, $19,600,000. North Shore Corridor & Blue Line, Massachusetts, $1,960,000. NorthStar Commuter, Minnesota, $53,900,000. Northern Indiana Commuter Transit District Recapitalization, Indiana, $4,900,000. North Shore LRT Connector, Pennsylvania, $32,846,115. Northwest NJ-Northeast PA, Pennsylvania, $2,940,000. NW/SE LRT MOS, Texas, $84,525,000. Pacific Highway South BRT, King County, Washington, $13,794,480. Perris Valley Line Metrolink Extension, California, $1,960,000. Pawtucket/Central Falls Commuter Rail Station, Rhode Island, $1,960,000. Planning and Design, Bus Rapid Transit-State Avenue Corridor, Wyandotte County, Kansas, $1,470,000. Provo Orem Bus Rapid Transit, Utah, $4,018,000. Rapid Transit (BRT) project, Livermore, California, $2,940,000. Ravenswood Line Extension, Illinois, $39,200,000. Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit, Potomac Yard-Crystal City, Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia, $980,000. Second Avenue Subway Phase 1, New York, $167,810,300. SMART EIS and PE, California, $1,960,000. South County Commuter Rail Wickford Junction Station, Rhode Island, $12,269,449. Southeast Corridor LRT, Colorado, $50,529,274. South Sacramento Corridor Phase 2, California, $4,410,000. Telegraph Avenue-International Boulevard-East 14th Street Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Improvements, California, $1,960,000. Third Street Light Rail, San Francisco, California, $11,760,000.

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