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[121 STAT. 427]
[121 STAT. 427]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–53—AUG. 3, 2007

121 STAT. 427

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(2) CONTENTS.—The modal plan shall include prioritized goals, actions, objectives, policies, mechanisms, and schedules for, at a minimum— (A) improving the security of railroad tunnels, railroad bridges, railroad switching and car storage areas, other railroad infrastructure and facilities, information systems, and other areas identified by the Secretary as posing significant railroad-related risks to public safety and the movement of interstate commerce, taking into account the impact that any proposed security measure might have on the provision of railroad service or on operations served or otherwise affected by railroad service; (B) deploying equipment and personnel to detect security threats, including those posed by explosives and hazardous chemical, biological, and radioactive substances, and any appropriate countermeasures; (C) consistent with section 1517, training railroad employees in terrorism prevention, preparedness, passenger evacuation, and response activities; (D) conducting public outreach campaigns for railroads regarding security, including educational initiatives designed to inform the public on how to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from a terrorist attack on railroad transportation; (E) providing additional railroad security support for railroads at high or severe threat levels of alert; (F) ensuring, in coordination with freight and intercity and commuter passenger railroads, the continued movement of freight and passengers in the event of an attack affecting the railroad system, including the possibility of rerouting traffic due to the loss of critical infrastructure, such as a bridge, tunnel, yard, or station; (G) coordinating existing and planned railroad security initiatives undertaken by the public and private sectors; (H) assessing— (i) the usefulness of covert testing of railroad security systems; (ii) the ability to integrate security into infrastructure design; and (iii) the implementation of random searches of passengers and baggage; and (I) identifying the immediate and long-term costs of measures that may be required to address those risks and public and private sector sources to fund such measures. (3) RESPONSIBILITIES.—The Secretary shall include in the modal plan a description of the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of Federal, State, and local agencies, governmentsponsored entities, tribal governments, and appropriate stakeholders described in subsection (c). The plan shall also include— (A) the identification of, and a plan to address, gaps and unnecessary overlaps in the roles, responsibilities, and authorities described in this paragraph; (B) a methodology for how the Department will work with the entities described in subsection (c), and make use of existing Federal expertise within the Department,

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