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[121 STAT. 485]
[121 STAT. 485]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–53—AUG. 3, 2007

121 STAT. 485

accidents to determine the cause of the accident, including deployable flight deck and voice recorders and remote location recording devices. (b) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS.—There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2008 such sums as may be necessary to carry out this section. Such sums shall remain available until expended. 49 USC 114 note.


The Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration shall provide advanced training to transportation security officers for the development of specialized security skills, including behavior observation and analysis, explosives detection, and document examination, in order to enhance the effectiveness of layered transportation security measures. SEC. 1612. CERTAIN TSA PERSONNEL LIMITATIONS NOT TO APPLY.

49 USC 114 note.

(a) IN GENERAL.—Notwithstanding any provision of law, any statutory limitation on the number of employees in the Transportation Security Administration, before or after its transfer to the Department of Homeland Security from the Department of Transportation, does not apply after fiscal year 2007. (b) AVIATION SECURITY.—Notwithstanding any provision of law imposing a limitation on the recruiting or hiring of personnel into the Transportation Security Administration to a maximum number of permanent positions, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall recruit and hire such personnel into the Administration as may be necessary— (1) to provide appropriate levels of aviation security; and (2) to accomplish that goal in such a manner that the average aviation security-related delay experienced by airline passengers is reduced to a level of less than 10 minutes. SEC. 1613. PILOT PROJECT TO TEST DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES AT AIRPORT EXIT LANES.

49 USC 44903 note.

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(a) IN GENERAL.—The Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration shall conduct a pilot program at not more than 2 airports to identify technologies to improve security at airport exit lanes. (b) PROGRAM COMPONENTS.—In conducting the pilot program under this section, the Administrator shall— (1) utilize different technologies that protect the integrity of the airport exit lanes from unauthorized entry; (2) work with airport officials to deploy such technologies in multiple configurations at a selected airport or airports at which some of the exits are not colocated with a screening checkpoint; and (3) ensure the level of security is at or above the level of existing security at the airport or airports where the pilot program is conducted. (c) REPORTS.— (1) INITIAL BRIEFING.—Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Administrator shall conduct a briefing to the congressional committees set forth in paragraph (3) that describes— (A) the airport or airports selected to participate in the pilot program; (B) the technologies to be tested;

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