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[121 STAT. 519]
[121 STAT. 519]
PUBLIC LAW 110-000—MMMM. DD, 2007

PUBLIC LAW 110–53—AUG. 3, 2007

121 STAT. 519

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(B) holding presidential, parliamentary, and provincial council elections; (C) improving the protection of human rights, including women’s rights; and (D) expanding educational opportunities. (3) The following factors pose a serious and immediate threat to the stability of Afghanistan: (A) Taliban and anti-government forces, al Qaeda, and criminal networks. (B) Drug trafficking and corruption. (C) Weak institutions of administration, security, and justice, including pervasive lack of the rule of law. (D) Poverty, unemployment, and lack of provision of basic services. (4) The United States and the international community must significantly increase political, economic, and military support to Afghanistan to ensure its long-term stability and prosperity, and to deny violent extremist groups such as al Qaeda sanctuary in Afghanistan. (b) STATEMENTS OF POLICY.—The following shall be the policies of the United States: (1) The United States shall vigorously support the people and Government of Afghanistan as they continue to commit to the path toward a government representing and protecting the rights of all Afghans, and shall maintain its long-term commitment to the people of Afghanistan by increased assistance and the continued deployment of United States troops in Afghanistan as long as the Government of Afghanistan supports such United States involvement. (2) In order to reduce the ability of the Taliban and al Qaeda to finance their operations through the opium trade, the President shall engage aggressively with the Government of Afghanistan, countries in the region or otherwise influenced by the trade and transit of narcotics, as well as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) partners of the United States, and in consultation with Congress, to assess the success of the current Afghan counter-narcotics strategy and to explore additional options for addressing the narcotics crisis in Afghanistan, including possible changes in rules of engagement for NATO and Coalition forces for participation in actions against narcotics trafficking and kingpins, and the provision of comprehensive assistance to farmers who rely on opium for their livelihood, including through the promotion of alternative crops and livelihoods. (3) The United States shall continue to work with and provide assistance to the Government of Afghanistan to strengthen local and national government institutions and the rule of law, including the training of judges and prosecutors, and to train and equip the Afghan National Security Forces. (4) The United States shall continue to call on NATO members participating in operations in Afghanistan to meet their commitments to provide forces and equipment, and to lift restrictions on how such forces can be deployed. (5) The United States shall continue to foster greater understanding and cooperation between the Governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan by taking the following actions:

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