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1008 INDEX. District Courts of the US. (continued.) Disiricl ¢y" Columbia, (continued.) act to restore the records of the court for provision for ordering tstlesmeu to be the northern district of Illinois . . 40, 41 summoned .. . 16 time for holding, in the western district commissioners of the sinking fund of of Wisconsin . 88 the, t0' fund certain liabilities of the two terms of, for northern district of city of Washington ... 86 Ohio, to be held each year in To- tax to be levied and collected to pay inledo . . 157, 158 terest and create a, sinking fund . . 87 practice, pleadings, and proceedings in contiicting provisions of act of assemtlie .. 197, 198 bly of, declared void .. 87 remedies by attachment, &c.,i11 common certain acts of assembly of, déclaverl law causes in . 197 void . . . 87, 88 appeals, exceptions, &c. .. 197 certain bonds not to be issued 88 security on appeals, &q., to be given debt ofQ not to exceed, &c., unless, &c. . 88 within sixty days after, &c. 198 act of legislative assembly of, authorizwestern judicial district established in ing a subscription to the stock of the North Carolina 215 Piedmont and Potomac Railroad Comterms of, in North Carolina . . . . . 215 pany approved . . . . 158 See Norih Carolina. conditions of subscription to stock . . 158 circuit court jurisdiction taken from the corporators of the Centennial Board of northern district of Georgia 218 Finance from . 204 terms of, in northern district of Georgia, 218 board of commissioners to construct deputies of clerks oi} may be appointed, new jail in the . . 7 211, 212 &c. 330 who to constitute, their powers and clerk responsible for default of . . 380 duties . . 211 term of, in Kansas, to be held a.1:Lea.ven- change of site . 211 worth . . , 334 appropriation 211 terms of} in Covington and Paducah, to raise by tax $125,000 for part of cost Ky. ..,. 484 of jail ... 211 for the middle and northern districts of tax, how to be levied and collected, 212 Alabama, circuit-court jurisdiction salary of members of the board of health taken away from . 484, 485 of, established . 400 cases in, transferred to circuit court, 484 board of public works not to incur any pending indictments and writs of liability, &c., for streets, &c., beyond error or appeals not affected . . 485 appropriations previously made by terms otj in eastern district of Missouri, 477 Congress .. 406 for Nebraska, fall term oi} to be held at national banks in the, to be examined . 412 Omaha ... 601 report and expense .. 412 deficiency appropriation for the . . . 641 onethird of cost of fire department in, District Judges of the United States, to be borne by the United States . . 422 appropriations for the . . . 81, 133, 507 not to exceed $25,000 in any year . 422 from other districts, expenses of, while governor of] to provide suitable buildholding court in the southern district ings for the W0nien’s Christian Assoof New York, how to be paid . . . 36 ciation of Washington .. 436 of western judicial district in North act prohibiting gift enterprises in the . 464 Carolina, appointment and salary of . 217 act amending the act governing the to appoint clerks 217 colored schools of the .. 619 to be designated by each circuit judge governor of District to appoint board to do duty under civil rights act . . 349 of trustees of schools for colored chil- District Jlarshals xy`"!/ze United btates, dren in W8Sllll'lglZ0l] and Georgetown, 619 appropriations for the . 82, 507 number in each city, term of office, Distric! of Columbia, &c. ... 619 governor to be, ex o_§i'cz'o, a member to appoint secretary and treasurer and one of the regents of the Smith- of the board 619 sonian Institution ... 1 their term of onice, duties, certain members of board of public &c 619, 620 works not to draw salary as such . . 7 to appoint superintendent of schools board of public works in, to be held to for colored children in 620 be an existing board for all purposes, term of office, pay, &c 620 &c., from, &c. . 7 act for relief of Columbian College in, to have the power of certain com- confirmed .. 629 missioners of streets . 10 appropriations for government in, 6, 7, 74, to assess private property for the 125, 499, 500 improvement of M Street and no part to be paid to any member of Seventh Street southwest . . . 10 any board who holds any other to open Washington City canal and federal office ... 74, 600 branches, &o 10 for board of health in . 540 to superintend the paving of Penn— for purchase by the United States 0f sylvania Avenue .. 10 the interest of, in the city-hall authorities of, to expend a certain sum building . 540 for the paving of Pennsylvania Ave· to pay expenditures made by board nue 10 of public works in .. 405 provision for making lists of jurors in, payments to be made only on until, &c. . . 16 vouchers ... 406