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xii LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. Page Flathead, yo. Indians. An act to provide for the removal of the Flathead and other Indians D from the Bitter Root Valley, in the Terntory of Montana. June 5, 1872, ch. 308 . . . 226 Lands ey" Quapaw Indians in Kansas. An act to carry into effect the fourth article of the treaty of February twenty-three, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, with the Seneca, Shawnee, Quapaw, and other Indians. June o, 1872, ch. 309 . · . t . 228 Osage Indian Reservation An act to confirm to the Great and Little Osage Indians a reservation in the Indian territory. June 5, 1872, ch. 310 .. 228 General Don Carlos Buell. An act to provide for the- restoration of the records of the proceedings of the court of inquiry concerning the operations of the army under the command of General Don Carlos Buell, in Kentucky and Tennessee. June 5, 1872, ch. 311 . . 229 George A. Stevens. An act for the relief of George A. Stevens, of the United States navy. 230 June 5, 1872, ch. 312 Pensions. An act makigp a transfer of a pension appropriation from one fund to another. 230 June 5, 1872, ch. 3 . _ . . . Cusmms Duties and internal Revenue T ares. An act to reduce duties on imports and to reduce internal taxes, and for other purposes. June 6, 1872, ch. 315 .. 230 Army. An act making appropriations for the support of the army for the year ending June thirtyh eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and for other purposes. June 6, 1872, 258 ch. 31 .. · ... Army and Navy Ojirers. An act to continue the act to authorize the settlement of the accounts of officers of the army and navy. June 7, 1872, ch. 321 ... 262 Shipping Commissioners. An act to authorize the appointmenlrof shipping commissioners by the several circuit courts of the United States, to superinteud the shipping and discharge of seamen engaged in merchant ships belonging to the United States, and for the further protection of seamen. June 7, 1872, ch. 322 262 Jacksonville and St. Augustine Railroad Canyon;/. An net granting the right of way through the pubég:3 lands to the Jacksonville an Saint Augustine Railroad Company. June 7, 1872, ch. .. . .. 280 Public Buildings at Little Rock, Arkansas. An act to provide for a building for the use of the federal courts, post-oflice, internal revenue, and other civil ofdces, in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. June 7, 1872, ch. 324 . 280 Lands gn Dalgnta Y `crr1`tcr_y. An act to quiet the title to certain lands in Dakota Territory. June 187 ch. 825 ... . 281 J 3 r • Public Buildings in Ha·m`sI>urgh, Pa. An act relating to a site for public buildings in Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, and Sacramento, California. June 7, 1872, ch. 326 . 281 First National Bank of Aimnpolis. An act authorizing the First National Bank of Annapolis to change its location and name. June 7, 1872, ch. 327 . 281. Consul at Srmtarem, Iimzi/. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to regulate the diplomatic and consular systems of the United States," approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ifty-six. June 8, 1872, ch. 832 ... 282 Challenges in the_Feder·al.Carr¢-ta. An act to amend an act entitled "An act regulating proceedmgs in criminal cases, and for other purposes," approved March third, eighteen hundred and sixty-five. June 8, 1872, ch. 333 ... . . . . 282 Circuit Courts. An act to provide for holding a circuit court of the United States in and for the western district of Missouri. June 8, 1872, ch. 334 . . .. 282 Port-O_;?fcu Department. An act to revise, consolidate, and amend the statutes relating to the Post-Oiiice Department. June 8, 1872, ch. 335 . . . . . . 283 Clerks of United Srnws Cows. An act to authorize the appointment of deputies of clerks of circuit and district courts. June 8, 1872, ch. 336 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330 Direct Taxes. An act to provide for the redemption and sale of lands held by the United S}tat§;7un<ler the several acts levying direct taxes, and for other purposes. June 8, 1872, c . 330 Ilomeigpgs. Sact to amend an act relating to soldiers’ and sailors’ homesteads. June 8, , c . .. . 333 Bonkrupzcy. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United btates." June 8, 1872, ch. 339 . 334 Bankruptcy. An act to declare the true intent and meaning of section two of an act entitled ‘ An act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the United States," approved Mm·ch two, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. June 8, 1872, ch. 340 . . . 334 Kansas. An act concerning the circuit and district courts of the United States for the District of Kansas. June 8, 1872, ch. 341 ... 334 Pensimgs. 1 iéngeasing the rates of pension to certain persons therein described. June 336 P;Iorida.‘ An act to create an additional land district in Florida. June 8, 1872, ch. 348 . . . 335 Ze '`'`' ’°.i5;¥s 8‘fi‘8?§T §2."§ZI‘°i° Y°' ¥"1T“g.”7““T`°“?“T` ‘?°"f‘"T °i“°?’ ?“ .""? “?"‘?"‘i "7““T°’?°°1 as