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114 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 159. 1872. Post-roads es- From Meridian to Cleburn. Wbushtd m From Waco, via Meridian, Hico, Comanche, Brownwood, Concho Post, T°x‘”; Concho, thence to connect with overland mail from California, to San Antonio. From Burnet, via Blufton, Sluno Town, and German Settlement, to Fort Mason. From Liberty to Cold Springs, on the west side of Trinity River. From La Grange to Lockhart. From San Antonio to Friotown. From Victoria to Texana. From San Antonio to Bandera. From Lampasas to Brownwood. From Longview, via Gilmer, Simpsonville, Winsborough, and Bright Star, to Sulphur Springs. From Sulphur Springs, via Emery and Jordan Saline, to Canton. From Canton to Athens. From Montague to Jacksboro’. From Greenville, via Humboldt, Ashland, and Pecan, to Cooper. From Jefferson, via Pittsburg, to Bright Star. From Hallsville, via Flanigan’s Mills, Harmony Hill, and Beckville, to Carthage. From Mount Pleasant, via Dabb’s Bridge, Sulphur Bluff, Charleston, Cooper, and Ben Franklin, to Honey Grove. From Cooper, via Pecan Branch and Commerce, to Greenville. From Sherman, via Preston, Georgetown, Cedar Springs, Bourlands, and Bason Springs, to Sherman. From Livingston, via Moscow, to Homer. From Livingston, via Colila, to Sumpter. Tennessee; TENNESSEE. From Livingston, via Sweet Gum Plains, Ward Fox Springs, to Celina. From Walnut Valley to Fillmore. From Union Depot to WVhitestore. From Jonesboro to Horse Creek Camp Ground. From Freedom to Washiuigton College. From Jackson to Wellwood. From Macon, via Oakland and Hickoryville, to Wythe Depot. From Memphis, via Cuba, Mount Zion, to Portersville. From Trenton, via Brazil, to Easton. From Humboldt to Brazil. From Mossy Creek to Rutledge. From Cross Plains, via Fountain Head and Epperson Springs, to Lafayette. From Brentwood, via Owens Cross—Roads, Rock Hill, and Patensville, to Hurt’s Cross—Roads. From Mitchelsville to Springfield. nan; UTAH. From Ophir, via Camp Floyd, to Fairfield. From Fairfield to Ureka. From Ureka to Payson. From American Fork City to Forest City. From Salt Lake City to Silver Lake. Vermont. VERMONT. From Windsor to Cornish Flat, in New Hampshire.