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138 FOB.TY—SECOND CONGRESS. Suss. II. C11. 179-181. 1872. court, and shg,11 thereafter be debarmd from Igwsecuting any such claim m gy 8:$(;;;1V£& of the govcrnmcu PR y 3 ’ May 21, 1872. CHAP. GLXXIX. -An Ad to ustablakh an additional [mul District in the Territory qf 2 . . . S°3°$Z%·c;>2}L Be it emwted by the Senate and House 1p" Representatives of the Umz?41 Dakota12d »S6tates of America iwé Congress Th2g:£:1cr0 {ac, gn; ggrgzy Lg, ‘?"·’i°P °“"· established in the crrito 0 0 an a xona an is 1C 0 as hsmdm Dm; bounded and described as glows, and known as the Dakota land dmrice, bound',,,;,,- viz.: at a point on the north bank of the Missouri river, at the ’ intersection of the line between ranges Hity-two and fifty-three,; thence north, along said rv,11gc—1i11e, to the forty-sixth parallel of north latitude; thence west, along said parallel, to the line between ranges fxfty-seven and fifty-cighii ; thence iguth, d&H€ to (2]16 jH;;S0l1Iii river thence caster y, along o nor a o sa.1 s eam, a p ace 0 beginning. 1 ‘ fl d S20. 2. That the land-oflice for said district shall be located at Yankmxhono m hou, the capital of said Territory; and the President of the United States register and is hercb authorized be appoint a register and arcceivcr for said land- ’°°°“'°’·*h°i' chica wl);0 shall receive the same salary and be ovcmad b the same & ’ g y °°y’ °` regulations as are provided bylaw for the registers and the receivers of the other land-ofliccs in said Territory. APPROVED, May 21, 1872. May 21, 1872. CHAP. CLXXX.—An Act jo create an additional Land District in the State MBU11- S°?}$?2’°Yé?L“` Be't ¢dIq¢lwS an o jx j A U 4 P- o enac 0 zmaie an ouse 0 epresentatives 0 the nite Additiopul States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United }f¤”;1Sgf,§}"sf1;:1“fl-I States be, and ho is hereby, a.uthorized to establish an additional land Mmmm gsizricéthixx {hc Sgate of Minnesota, embracing all that part of the present cw m and istrict lying north of the north line of township number boundaries, one hundred and ten, and to fix from time to time the boundaries thereof}

‘£';'*Z;fj *;§* ;Q°* whigh shall be named after the place at which the offica shall first be cs-

' tgblishcd; ang {ho President shall have power to Hx {fom time to time e ocatiou 0 I: 0 office for such district. mgism my Sec. 2. That the President is hereby authorized to appoint by and

 wm wqsh the   and consent of the Senate, a register and a rccgeivcr for

smd land d1ptr1cp, who shall be required to reside at the site of the land- 0Qcg for smd dxstmct, who shall be subject to the same laws and respon- E;b1l1%s, 2,3151 gvhfase izgmgznssitiog, 1§spudve1y,;lgaH be thb same as that ow ow y aw 0 er an -0 ceminsai bats. Armovmv, May 21, 1872. my ma 187* CHAP. CI»XXXI.—An Act 3 gztlgrizq the 3.$;j;£uppZy of Arms to the Authorities Be it enactedbytlw Senate andfhnusea R with h Ud J;ig:g ;g;;l;eu Sggtcggf iimcgicq in Congress mscmbkd,fTh;€,71;19;?gem;;;rq;('cff 8Wazz§6, fm. me govmor is gra ya mstrucbcd, without delay, to cause one thousand efT<-active gg w breech-loading miicd muskcts and two hundred thousand cartridges to be f g 6- forwarded be 8,1111 placed at th<? disposal of the governor of the Territwy Indians; of Montana, dchvercd at Vugnma city, in said Territory, for distribution axggné bhp settlers of the Gallatin valley and other exposed localities in

   $1  :1;1to1;y, for home  defeuge against india.¤ raids; and the governor

Wham Sm • S? Gifltory, m making smd distribution, shall take from the parties gf; 0F tfy may be dLsbr1b11ted good and sufficient security for the ré-

   gg   g1 arms be the United States after the necessity for their 1180

-A1~1>1z0vm>, May 21, 1872.