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202 FOR°I'Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 256-258. 1872. Steamship ser- For steamship service between the United States and Brazil, one hum Vw? **;*;*6** *-M dred and fifty thousand dollars. _ g:ft§mf;°s For steamship service between San Francisco and the Sandwich Islands, Sen Francisco seventy-five thousand dollars. t*3‘:I§1';“d"'°“ Sec. 4. That if the revenues of the post·office department shall he in- Conditional sufficient to meet the appropriations made by this act, then the sum of five {wher ¤Pp¤>· million seven hundred thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars, or so g’:;:;"J§’;ey§§: mnch thereof as may be necessary, and the same is hcrchy, appro- 1873. priated, to he paid out of any money m the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to supply deficiencies in the revenue of the post-oflice departinent _ for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three. 0£1;£‘“l “p°“! And section twelve of the act approved March third, eighteen hundred and 1g41,qh_e3_§1g_ forty-seven, entitled “An act to establish certain post-routes, and for other Vol- ¤·P· 201- purposes;" and section eight of the act approved March third, eighteen 1851, eh. 20, § 8. hundred and iif‘ty—0ne, entitled "An act to reduce and modify the rates of V°l· ‘x· P· 59r postage in the United States, and for other purposes," so far as said sections provide for specific permanent appropriations for carrying free matter mU¤¤‘yi¤g at in the mails for the several departments and for members of Congress, be, m §;';,“£§';“f’" and the same are hereby, repealed. And hereafter payment for carrying such free matter shallbc made out of the annual appropriations. mmm hem Sec. 5. That it shall not be lawinl for any person who shall hereafter alter appointed be appointed an officer, clerk, or employee in any of the executive de-

m°°"°· &‘E·» “‘ partmeuts to act as counsel, attorney or agent for prosecuting any claim

Hy QXGOHUVB d8~ · . . , . . · . parhnent not to agamst the United States which was pending m said departments while he 2;;+1% counsel in was said officer, clerk, or employee, nor in any manner, nor by any means, wm;: gifs to aid m the prosecution of any such claim, within two years next after he shall have ceased to be such officer, clerk, or employee. segicggtgpgf for Sec. 6. That if the contract for the increase of the mail service be— uwilw bwvgen tween S2.!}-F1`8.l1ClS00 and China and Japan to a semi-monthly service shall Sa.; Francisco be made with the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, or shall be performed

¤;£i*;¤Q;»t£¤°-» in the said company’s ships, or the ships of its successors in interest, the

pacific Mau moneys payable under such contract shall he paid while the said company gtgegrgsrhgp C:.1 or ILS successors 1u interest shall maintain and run the line of steamships me [md5_ £ tl; for the transportation of freight and passengers at present run between bg pm only Nevr York and San 1d`ranc1sco,v1a the Isthmus of Panama, by the said Wlggvgvgs Pacific Maul Stearnship Company, and no longer: Provided, That said A requirement shall m all respects apply to any party contracting for the mail service between San F rancisco and Chma and Japan, as well as to the PRCIHC Mail Steamship Company. Approved, June 1, 1872. June 1, 1872. CHAP. CQLVI1'.—An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to establish and pm- V"1?6`***—*‘7’- eh_ 6;% $:;,1 natwnal CONECT18S,], approved February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and sixt_y~ 0 · XIV. P. - ‘ Be tt enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _Al\ honorably States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the passage giggzzsgéaicgls of this act.allsold1crs and sailors honorably discharged from the service who die dmmm of the _United States who may die in a destitute condition, shall be allowed Lag belburied in burial m the natxonal cemeteries of the United States. m_i6‘;‘“ °°m"· Approved, June 1, 1872. June 1, 1872. CHAP. CCLVIII.—An Act granting the Rrlqht of Way to the Dakota Grand Trunk Railway Company. Right cfway S Be tt enacteel by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ggsggigtiagxltggio tlfgtigqg :1ingzca(;n' Uongress assembled, That for the purpose of enabling me Duma m d abc it rain lrunk Rmlway ·Company, a corporation organized Gwld Trunk 1 er e laws o Dakota, to extend ICS road and branches b the most Rmiwe Co mlvan d ‘ · · - y y . tageous an pracucable lines, m accordance with its charters, the