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238 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 315. 1872. E00a,, 3,,,, in be in the public stores or bonded warehouses on the first day of August Kibliextorism eighteen hundred and seventy-two, shall be subjected to no other duty; t,,';,`;, w};m,ugy_ upon the entry thereof for consumption than if the same were imported Duties paid on respectively after that day; and all goods, WRIGS, and merchandise regoods in bonded maining in bonded warehouses on the day and year this act shall take

'i·;’;‘L;§°°S VJ be effect, and upon which the duties Shall l18V6 béell paid, Shall be entitled to

g,,y,·;;;,,;,_m_ a refimd of the difference between the amount of duties paid and tho Port, p. 381. amount of duties said goods, wares, and merchandise would be subject to if the same were imported respectively after that day. dgeggniudzréigor Sec. 9. That where fire-arms, scales, balances, shovels, spades, axes, bmmlgi mW_ hatchets, hammers, plows, cultivators, mowmg-machines, and reaperg sack, when Sn- manufactured with stocks or handles made of wood grown in the United tig? :l;°*f§<>§ 4 States are exported for benefit of drawback under section four of the aes v01jx,,;,;_h93_' of August fifth, eighteen himdmd and sixty-one, and entitled, “An act

10 lprovigefincreased revenue nom imports, to pay interest on the public

e t, an or other purposes," such articles shall be entitled to such d - back, under that act, in all cases when the imported material excleaevds M I { onghalf of the value of the material used. Swiss QF no. 1 . That from and after the passage of this act all lumber tim S • · ° g§_,°g}lc;‘;‘§f;1°“· ber, hemp, Manila, and non and steellrods, bars, spikes, nails, and bolts, yessels rrray be and copper and composition metal, which may be necessary for the cou- ““P°'*·°dml>°¤d· structipnbgind equipmirét of vessels built in the United States for the purpose 0 ng cmp oy in the forei trade incl d` th t d b the Atlantic and Pacidc ports of th§nUnited Statesjnfnd iignislhaedg afgrivthe passage of this act, may be imported in bond, under such regulations as l the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; and upon proof that such go guwsto be materials have been used for the purpose aforesaid, no duties shall be paid P Slgchgmgels thereon: Provided, That vessels receiving the benefit of this section shall notto eugggein not be allowed to engage in the coastwise trade of the United States xgsguglsfntrrglé more than two months in. any one year, except upon the payment to the Llnitegcgtpmghgf tip`; dmzies on yvhicltr a rebate is herein allowed: And M,,t_.,,4,,;, f,,,.. rom ur U, at artic es 0 foreign production need d f th zeepsgggot certain of Aimericgn geelsels eplgaged Exclusively in foreign trade, uidy b: 1 1 rawn rom on e ware ouses ee of dut d hs D G be as gba Spireprylytofhthe Treasury may prescribed, uu Gr suc regulmon p ss my EC. .a the proviso in section four of an act entitled “A d n act to $:*3*;: cgllfisglt protect the revenue, and for other puposes," approved July twenty —eighth, ¥§,£;,,h,,sh_ eighteen hundred and sixty-six, is hereby modified and amended so as to v0L,;v..a:8,§2·§, rgazlhas follows: Prcwzded, That from and after the date of the passage o is act, imported salt in bond may be used in curing fish taken b vessels licensed to engage in the fisheries, imder such regulatidns as thb Eppiptary ofdthe Treasury shall prescribe; and upon proof that said salt S 1873 h een use in curing iish, the duties on the same shall be remitted. · C0 ,¢ . 18, §§ 2, :1. Pm, p. 402. DISTILLED SPIRITS. sppxssn distilled S iSi1;o.1% Tléat the act entitled "An act imposing taxes on distilled 1868, ch. 186. Ogrhbgesriluég 8'§OO’ fOr_°t'hcr Purposes;) approved July twentieth, v,,;, xv, ,,_ 12B_ foiowsl re an sixty-eight, be and the same is hereby, amended as Section 1. That section one be amended b' · .. , _ . . . Y Sfflking out the word <<fif;y” and m. s , . mgpmpagiapis- in lieu liliiereof the word “_seventy: ’ Proczded, nocmheilcss, That Wn6h0mg_ tk_ spirits wfully deposited in a distillery bonded warehouse when t.f.3ii.Z*33Zi.‘Zl€‘tF§*`$°E"“hF° T§“‘“'“"" °"°"*°“ °“ Paymm °f *~‘*° a e wi· . Pa 1,.0,, mm! at tha time of Such de _ l in e time and in the manner fixed by law posit. Pro d d her . taxpaid by 4,,. b d- ·] . _ W 6 fw`! , That the special tax paid mlm my be y isti lers prior to the taking effect of this act, which has not be n or xe{\mdedA;&e, haunted by the quantit of s i 't di `l · 6 . refunded _ Y _ 1*1 s sti led as provided by law, shall be ¤p0¤ p1‘0p61‘ application out of any moneys arising from l110B!`-