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294 FORTY-—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. count of moneys eral, under oath, and in such form as the latter shall prescribe, a quarterly '°°°i"°d» &°·• '°° account of all moneys received or charged by l11m or at his oiiee, for be rendered. C1 f .1 postage, rent of boxes or ¢>her recepial egchor mar -matte1·, or by reason of keeping a branch-0 ce, or or t c very 0 mm -matteri11 any manner whatever. gw0m stm- Sec. 73. That the Postmaster-General may require a sworn statement ¤{¤¤§¤¤¤yb¤ to accompany each quarterly account of a postmaster, to the eflect that "q"”°d' such account contains a true statement of the entire amount of postage, box-rents, charges, and moneys collected or received at his office during She. quagter; thagihe na; not knlojwllnelly delizered, or permitted bg e were any m -ma r on w c e pos we was no a e 1me paid; that such account exhibits truly and fhltllfully the entire receipts collected at his office, and which, by due diligence, could have been Fam Swearing collected; and that the credits he claims are just and right. And any therein to be per false swearing therein shall render him liable to the pains and penalties J‘“`Y' of perjury. Penalty fm. Sec. 7 4. That if any postmaster shall neglect to render his accounts, neglect to render for one month after the time, and in the form and manner prescribed by “°°°“"**’ *`°' °”° law and the regulations of the Postmaster-General, such postmaster and month after the . . . . ,,,,,,,,1 gm, his suretxes shall forfe1t and pay double the amount of the gross receipts at said office durin an revious or subse ucnt e ual eriod of time· E Y P (1 *1 P t l ifb1{Q¤§¤<>g¤fd and if} at the time of trial, no account shall have been rendered, they

3l_h;;'Qf°Q,.,;l? shall forfeit and pay such sum as the court and jury shall estimate to be

equivalent thereto, to be recovered m an action of debt on the bond. Public moneys SE€).•75.. That postmasters shall keep safely, without lcaning, using, collected by post- depositing in an unauthorized bank, or exchanging for other funds, all the

» h°“' *0 public money collected by them, or which may come into their possession

Puntil it is ordered by the Postmaster-General to be transferred or paid out. pom] ,.,,W,_ Sec. 76. 'l`hat the postmaster at Washington and postmasters at cities runes, _&c., to be where there is an assistant treasurer shall deposit the postal revenues and Qfipgfyd w°°klY HJ} 1110HGy accruing at their office with such assistant treasurer as often ' as once a week at least, and as much oftener as the l)OS€m3SE€P-G8D61‘3l may direct. Dclinqucncies, Sec. 77. That postmasters shall promptly report to the Postmaster- §jg&§fs°gK;l_ms General every delinquency, neglect, or malpractice of the contractors, sw., to be rc-their agents, or carriers, which may come to their knowledge. r¤¤§g<ié0smmSm’_ Sec. 78. That no postmaster, assistant postmastcrnor clerk employed &,,__ ,0 be ,, com in any p0st—0iHce shall bea. contractor or concerned in any contract for tractor to carry Oawylng the mail.

        • 3 act as Sm. 79. That no postmaster shall act as agent for any lottery-office,

,,,;°,,¤M],,,my, or under any color of purchase, or otherwise, vend lot.tery-tickets; nor M- shall he receive or send any lottery scheme, circular, or ticket free of postage; and for any violation of the provisions of this section the person offending shall forfeit and pay fifty dollars. Compensation Src. 80. T hat- the compensation of postmasters shall be a fixed annual ofunoslnnudcrsg salary, to be dwlded mto five classes, exclusive of the postmaster at New Ci, ; W °' York city, whose salary shall be six thousand dollars per annum. The lhs classes and salary of the first class shall be not more than four thousand dollars nor

 °* °°”h less than three thousand dollars; of the second class, less than three

thousaiud dollars, but not less than two thousand dollars; of the third c ass, css tum two thousand dollars, but not less than one thousand dollars ;hof ghedfoiurth class;. legs one thousand dollars, but not less than wo un re dollars; o t. e ft class less than two hundred dollars; Salnyingto bg and the salaries of the first, second, and third classes shall be in evoll i¤°V*=¤ ¤¤¤¤¤- hundreds of dollars; of the fourth class, in even tens of dollars; and of the ilfth class, in even dollars. lyiglzgiggegcw Sno; 81. That at all newly estahlished ofllces, the Postmascer—Gencral 0mm_ rnay temporaml y fir: the salary until the returns of such office shall enable lnm to properly adjust the same, but the compensation shall in no case be