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312 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 335. 1872. $,,,,,.,1 dm,,,,, “I, A. B., master of the -+-——, arriving from -—-, and now lying tion ofmasm. in the port. of ———-, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have, to the best of my knowledge and belief, delivered, at the post-office at —+·., every letter, and every bag, packet, or parcel of letters, which were Ou board the said vessel during her last voyage, or which were in my possession or under my power or control." I Penalty. And any master who shall break bulk before he has delivered such letters shall, on conviction thereof, forfeit not exceeding one hundred dollars for every such ofl"e11ce, one—ha1f to the officer making the seizure, and the other to the use of the United States. Special agents Sec. 235. That any special agent of the Posh-0Hie0 ]?epartment,· when when instructed, instructed by the P0stmaster—General to make examinations and seieures,

 fm and the collector or other customs-officer of any port without special inieinm, gw`;structions, shall carefully search all vessels for letters wh1cl1 may be on

board or which have been conveyed contrary to law. ma`, mm mr Sec. 236. That any special agent of the Posh-ofiice Department, colters, hugs, &¤, lector, or other cusboms-oflicer, or United States mnrslml or his deputy,

’Q:;10i;";:“"Y may at all times seize all letters and bags, packets or parcels, containing

wml 0,- posi; letters which are being carried contrary Lu mw or board any vessel or on route, Src- any post;-route, and convey the same to the nearest post-office, or may, by the direction of the Postmaster-General or Secretary of the Treasury, detain them until two months after the final determination of all suits and proceedings which may, at any time within six months afiser such seizure, be brought against any person for sending or earrying such letters. rnclmges, Qc., Sicc. 237. That every package or parcel seized by any special agent? of

 W M *°”‘ phe Posmoffice Department, collector, or other customs-ollicer, or United

` States marshal or his deputies, m wh1cl1 any letter is unlawfully con- Proceedingsfo ceuled, shall be forfeited to the United States, and the same proceedings °“f°’°° f°”'bi*“’°· may be had to enforce the forfeiture as are authorized in respect to goods, wares, and merchandise forfeited for violation of the revenue laws ; and all laws for the benefit and protection of cust0ms—ofIicers making seizures fbr violating said revenue laws shall apply to officers making seizures for violating the postal laws. Transmission Srcc. 238. That nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit

 the conveyance or transmission of letters or packets by private hands withnot pro1i1b`1’¤sd.’ out eompensazion, or by special messenger employed for the particular

occasion on . Letrersinc·lnsccl S100. 239.yThat all letters inclosed in stamped envelopes (the postagein $******1*0* °"· stump in every case being of a denomination sufficient to cover the postage velopes. &c.,1m1y · _ . . be scm Omerwm thm; would be chmgeable thereon if the same were soul; by mail) may be than by mm!. sent, conveyed, and delivered otherwise than by mail, provided such envelope shall be duly directed and properly sealed, so that the letter cannot be taken tzherefrom without defacing the envelope, and the date of the letter _ _ or of the transmission or receipt thereof shall be written or stamped upon m;;h‘§§°°;‘;[‘ the envelope. But; the Postmaster-Gerieral may suspend the operation of pended. this sectjion upon any mail-route where the public interest may require such suspension. _ Separate cnr- Sec. 240. That when the amount of mail-matter to be carried on any

 mail-route is so great as to seriously retard the progress or endanger the

NQ1m ifs.) Mlm, security of the letter-mail, or materially increase the cost; of carriage at &c·; the ordinary rate of speed, the Postmaster-General may provide for the <>*l¤¤§¤¤M{¢r_` separate carriage of the letter-mail at, the usual rate of speed; but the

 °d other mail-manner shall non be delayed any more than is absolutely 118068-

sary, liavingdue regard to the cost of expedition and the means at his disposal for eflecting the same. Perinltv for bk1C. 241. Than any person who shall knowingly and wilfully obstruct

 gl? or rcltnrd the passage of the mail, or any carriage, horse, driver, or carrie?

mm, &c_ B carrying the same, shall, on conviction t;hereof,ior every such OHGIICG, fo1‘· feit. and pay not exceeding one hundred dollars.