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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 415. 1872. 355 twenty-five thousand dollars; and such site as may be necessary for such gm, hay light shall be selected on lands now in the possession of the United S¤l¤¤¤¤<l» &¤· States by the light-house board, and such site shall be exempted from the operation of any law providing for the restoration to the former owners of lands sold for direct taxes. For completing the rebuilding of the lirst·class light-house and keeper’s _ Saint Augusdwelling at Saint Augustine, Florida, in addition to any balance of the h 114 ,3 former appropriation that may remain unexpended June thirtieth, eighteen vo;] ;Qi_·,,_’yuQ hundred and seventy two, twenty thousand dollars. For completing the erection of the iron light-house structure on the Southwest foundation at Southwest Pass light—station, Louisiana, twenty-five thou- P“’· sand dollars. For erection of a light-house on the north side of Presque isle, Erie, Presque isle. Pennsylvania, fifteen thousand dollars. For rebuilding the light-house and keeper’s dwelling at Gibraltar light- (;;b,·,,y,,,,-_ station, in the Detroit river, Michigan, teu thousand dollars. For completing the light-house at Spectacle reef, Lake Huron, Michi- 5,,.,.;;..:1. mg gan, being the amount carried to the surplus fund of a. former appropriation, seventy thousand dollars. For erection of a light on Saint Helena island, Lake Michigan, to mark _ Saint Helena the anchorage to the harbor of refuge, fourteen thousand dollars. “l““d‘ For erection of a coast—light at Petite Point au Sable, Lake Michigan, Petite Point an thirty-five thousand dollars. S’*bl°· For erection of a keeper’s dwelling at Holland, Lake Michigan, in Holland, place of a former amount reverted to the treasury, four thousand dollars. For erection of a light between `White Fish point and Grand Island White Fish harbor, Michigan, forty thousand dollars. P°"'t* &°' For erection of lights on the northern and northwestern lakes, on Northern and piers belonging to the United States, twenty thousand dollars. {‘:,;;Q"°““‘“ For continuing the work on the depot for the storage of oil and other psi,,,,,; D,. supplies at Detroit, Michigan, twenty-five thousand dollars. trait. For establishment of a light and fog-signal at Point Fermin, Califor- Point Fermin. nia, twenty thousand dollars. For establishment of a first-class fog-signal at Point Hueneme, Cali- Point Huefornia, ten thousand dollars. °°m°" For erection of a light-house and fhg-signal to mark the entranceto $trs.its of Carthe Straits of Carquinas,_California, twenpy thousand dollars. q“‘“”·°· For tirst·class light and fog-signal at iedras Blancas, California, sev- Piedi-as Blanenty-five thousand dollars. °”‘ _ For rebuilding and re-establishing the steam fog-signal station at Point P¤¤¤* R¢Y¤¤· Reyes, California, ten thousand dollars. _ _ d For completing the. lighthouse at Bolivar point, Texas, ten thousand 80]**** P°*¤*· ollars. For the annual proportion of the expenses of Cape Martel light, on C¤1>¤M¤f*¤l· the coast of Morocco, two hundred and eighty-five dollars, to be expended by the Secretary of State. _ _ That appropriations for light-house purposes shall be available for fmfp°é‘;;l;1’;::;§B“’ expenditure for two years after acts of legislatures ceding jurisdiction mba ,_w,,n,,~,,],, for over sites: Provided, however, That tl1is section shall not apply to any gw years after, general appropriations for light-house purposes: And provided further, 33més0s_ That in no case shall any special appropriation be available for more _ than two' years without further provision of law; and the unexpended peE§;if‘€a};Q,°;g balances of appropriations for special works under the light-house ,,,;,,,,,,,,,-;,,;,8,;, board made by the act approved March third, eighteen hundred and 18‘{},Ich- 1_14,§ 3- ¤6V6!l€y-One, entitled "A11 act making appropriations for sundry civil ex- 510_%i§“‘ pp' penses of the government for the iiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and for other purposes," are hereby re-appropriated for the purposes therein specified.