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866 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 415. 1872. three thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars; and all the foregoing appmprintions for the service of the 'Washington aqueduct are hereby made available immediately upon the passage of this act. Rebuilding For rebuilding the chain bridge, on the Potomac river, one hundred ¢b¤i¤ l>¤idS¤· thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, That the bridge shall be rebuilt as a substantial iron structure, upon plans to be approved by the chief of engineers of the army, and under his supervision and direction. Laborers aud To pay five laborers in the old part of the Capitol, and five watchman

 296 in reservation two, twenty per centum on their pay for the years ending

§ 1g_ ’’ June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, as authorized by the eighteenth section of the Vol. xiv- p. 323. act of July twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, two thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars, or so much as may be necessary. Bureau of re- Bureau of Rqfhgees, Freedman, and Abandoned Lands.- For collee. f“¥jf°’· f"°°d“"’“· tion and a ment of bount , rize-mone ,aud other le `timate claims of an abandoned P Y Y P Y gl lands; colored soldiers and sailors, viz.: For salaries of agents and clerks; rent of offices, fuel, and lights; stationery and printing; office furniture and repairs; mileage and transportation of officers and agents; telegrephing H ¢¤ ge <}€¤¢<>5¤- end postage, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That the Bureau ,6:“f87§_ °' ““`° of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands shall be discontinued from and after June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and that all agents, clerks, and other employees then on duty shall be discharged, except such as may be retained by the Secretary of War for the purposes Acts in regard of this proviso; and all acts and parts of acts pertaining to the collection to P¤a{m¤¤g of end payment of bounties, or other moneys due to colored soldiers, sailors, tj2Q};?;;, S3; and marines, or their heirs, shall remain in force until otherwise ordered diers,_&c., to ra- by Congress, the same to be carried into effect by the Secretary of War, Egm m *`°'°°» who may employ such clerical force as may be necessary for the purpose. 13,,-,,,dm,m·, For the support of Freedmen’s Hospital and Asylum at Washington, hospital and District of Columbia., viz.: Pay of medical officers and attendants; medi- "Y “““ cines, medical supplies, and rations; clothing; rent of hospital buildings, fuel, and lights; repairs and transportation, seventy-four thousand dol- 90 P¤'°*° b° lers: Provided, That no part of said appropriation shall be used in the pmd or, &c.; . support of} or to pay any of the aforesaid expenses on account of any persons hereafter to be admitted to said hospital and assylum, unless permer June 30, sons removed thither from some other government hospital: Provided, ggéotxrzi :;*2*:; That after June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, the Freed- Secremq of men’s Hospital in the District of Columbia shall, until otherwise ordered War. by Congress, be continued under the supervision and control of the Secretary of War, who shall make all estimates, and pass all accounts, and be accountable to the treasury of the United States for all expenditures. Siznd 0m<=¤- Signal- Office.-— For manufacture, purchase, or repair of meteorological and other necessary instruments; for telegmphing reports; for expenses of storm-signals announcing probable approach and force of storms throughout the United States, for the benefit of commerce and agriculture; for instrument-shelters ; for hire, furniture, and expenses of offices maintained for public use in cities or posts receiving reports; for maps and bulletins, to be displayed in chambers of commerce and boards-of-trade rooms; for books and stationery; and for incidental expenses not otherwise provided _ csman sm. for, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Secretary Eggzitgem be of War be, and he hereby is, authorized and required to provide, in the system providid fm of observations and reports in charge of the chief signal officer of the army, for such stations, reports, and signals as may be found necessary for No Pm to b° the benefit of agriculture and commercial interests: And provided, That D0 paid to certain _ · . . . . wegmpb com pmt of thm appropriation, nor of any appropriation for the several departpames. ments of the government, shall he paid to any telegraphic company wluch shall neglect or refuse to transmit telegraphic communications between said departments, their officers, agents, or employees, under the provisions of