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418 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 54, 62, 63. 1873. under the corporate seal of the bank, specifying such determination, and shall cause the same to be recorded in the office of the comptroller of the currency, and thereupon such change of location shall be effected and the operations of discount and deposit of said bank shall carried ou in the city of Atlanta. Rights and Ii- Sec. 2. That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as iu pggfs “°“ “f' any manner to release the said bank from any liability or affect any action ‘or proceeding in law in which the said bank may be a party or interested. And when such change shall have been determined upon as aforesaid, notice thereof and of such change shall be published in one daily paper in the county of Fulton for not less than six days, and in one weekly paper in the county of Coweta, in said State, once. When location Sec. 3. That whenever the location of said bank shall have been §£;€°Sa:3(*::be changed from the city of Newnan to the city of Atlanta, in accordance caueci the N,,, with the first section of this act, its name shall be changed to the National ti¤n¤lB=m1<_of Bank of Commerce, if the board of directors of said bank shall accept C°m'“"°°*"·&°‘ the new name by resolution of the board, and cause a copy of such resolution, duly authenticated, to be Bled with the comptroller of the cur- FGDC . New hanlcto Sgt:. 4. That all the debts, demands, liabilities, rights, privileges, and §;““‘°h“b‘l‘“°’¤ powers of the First National Bank of Newnah shall devolve upon and ` inuxée to the National Bank of Commerce whenever such change of name is e ected. When acttnkes Sec. 5. That this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its effect. passalgtb APPROVED, January 23, 1873. Jun. 23, 1873- CHAP. LIV.-An Act authorizirtq the Secretary of War to contract for the Construction _;”"" of a lightdraught Snag-boat to pty on the Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Umftea Qonstruction or States of America in Ovngress assembled, That the Secretary of W`ar be,

nl;Sl*k:g<;;*t;:fl**b€ and is hereby, authorized to contract for the construction of a lightcO,,€.mGd {(,3 draught snag-boat to ply on the Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas riv-

Cost. anu from ers : Provided, That said contract shall not require more than twenty-five mf “PPr°¥’"“` thousand dollars over and above the amount available for such purpose, to be taken from the next appropriation made for the improvement of said rivers. A1’PROVED, January 23, 1873. Jan. 24, 1873. CHAP. LXII. -An Act to abolish the Grades dof Admiral and Vice-Admiral in the '_'""'""` Navy ay` the Unite States. Bc it enacted by the Senate and fbuse of Representatives q" the United When theof- States of America in Obngress assembled, That vacancies occurring in the §§g*`%;:j;*M?ga1 grades of admiral and vice—admira1, in the navy of the United States, bw,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shall not be filled by promotion, or in any other manner whatever; and those rpmdes to that when the offices of said grades shall become vacant, the grade itself; b° “b° ‘“h°d‘ shall cease to exist. Approved, January 24, 1873. Jan. 24, 1873. CHAP. LXIII. —-· An Act transferring the Control of certain territorial Penitentiarfes """°"`*”"°“ to the several Territories in which the same are Located. The comm] of Be it enacted Uby the Senate and fkuse of Representatives of the United pmmmmm in ,S2ates of America on Congress assembled, That so much of the act entitled certain Terri- “An act in relation to certain territorial penitentiaries," approved January

;:§*€0l}i;’3};;; tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, placing the penitentiaries in the

moms_ 'Ferritories of Montana, Idaho, "Wyoming, and Colorado, under the care Repeal of part and control of the respective United States marshals for said Teri-itories, °f1871,(_h_,5_ is hereby repealed, and the care and custody of said penitentiaries, and vo], xvi, p. aus. the personal property thereunto belonging, and the use and occupation