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FORTY——SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 131. 1873. 431 process of coining; and the superintendent shall receipt for the same and keep a careful record of their weight and character. Sec. 42. That the superintendent shall debit the coiner with the Coiner to be amount in weight of standard metal of all the bullion placed in his hands, °h*”`€€d with and credit him with the amount in weight of all the coins, clippings, and gtgigifd to be other bullion returned by him to the superintendent. Once at least in Accounts or every year, and at such time as the director of the mint shall appoint., °°l¤°* ml ¤¤¤l*°' there shall be an accurate and full settlement of the accounts of the coiner, 2;ll1yr;;l§{°;dtQ°,tb° and the melter and refiner, at which time the said officers shall deliver' up least once in each to the superintendent all the coins, clippings, and other bullion in their Y°“"· possession, respectively, accompanied by statements of all the bullion delivered to them since the last annual settlement, and all the bullion returned by them during the same period, including the amount returned for the purpose of settlement. Sec. 43. That when all the coins, clippings, and other bullion have Superintendent been delivered to the superintendent, it shall be his duty to examine the t° ¤=<¤mi¤gL=h<> accounts and statements rendered by the coiner and the melter and mso;:;:,?, ,,:,21 of refiner, and the dillerence between the amount charged and credited to melter undreeach officer shall be allowed as necessary wastage, if the superintendent bnftimt amount shall be satisfied that there has been a bona-tide waste of the precious allowable asne¢··· metals, and if the amount shall not exceed, in the case of the melter and €¤¤¤¤' Waswss renner, one thousanclth of the whole amount of gold, and one and one—half' thousandth of the whole amount of silver delivered to him since the last annual settlement, and in the case of the coiner, one thousandth of the whole amount of silver, and one-half thousandth of the whole amount of gold that has been delivered to him by the superintendent; and all copper used in the alloy of gold and silver bullion shall be separately charged to the melter and retiner, and accounted for by him. Sec. 44. That it shall also be the duty of the superintendent to forward Balance-sheet a correct statement of his balance-sheet, at the close of such settlement, to :3 psefgivrgtiggtf the director of the mint, who shall compare the total amount of gold and me min; silver bullion and coin on hand with the total liabilities of the mint. At Expense acthe same time a statement of the ordinary expense account, and the mon- °°¤¤¤· eys therein, shall also be made by the superintendent. Sec. 45. That when the coins or bars which are the equivalent to any Tayment of deposit of bullion are ready for delivery, they shall be paid to the depos- gglnssgzrlzam W itor, or his order, by the superintendent; and the payments shall be made, P if demanded, in the order in which the bullion shall have been brought to the mint; but in cases where there is delay in manipulating a refractory deposit, or for any other unavoidable cause, the payment of subsequent deposits, the value of which is known, shall not be delayed thereby; and in the denominations of coin delivered, the superintendent shall comply with the wishes of the depositor, except when impracticable or inconvem ient to do so. Sec. 46. That unparted bullion may be exchanged at any of the mints _ Unparted bulfor fine bars, on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the hyn {MY l>¤ ¤¤· director of the mint, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury; ° °"*°° ' and the fineness, weight, and value of the bullion received and given in exchange shall in all cases be determined by the mint assay. The charge Clharge for to the depositor for refining or parting shall not exceed that allowed and par mg' deducted for the same operation in the exchange of unrelined for refined bullion. Ssc. 47. That for the purpose of enabling the mints and the assay- Secretaryoftha oflice in New York to make returns to depositors with as little delay ns £'“£:"l1q;°n§‘;1l{ possible, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to. keep in b,{m0;,Q to make the said mints and assay-otiice, when the state of the treasury will admit greedy retupngutp , thereof, such an amount of public money, or bullion procured for the pur- h;{’;’*‘°°'° °

 pose, as he shall judge convenient and necessary, out of which those who

E bring bullion to the said mints and assay-office may be paid the value