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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. v Page Duplicate Checks my disbursing Ojioers. An act to authorize the payment of duplicate checks of disbursing officers. February 2, 1872, ch. 12 ... . 29 Machinery. An act to admit certain machinery imported from foreign countries free of duty. February 2, 1872, ch. 18 . .' ... ‘. . 29 Post-Routes. An act to establish certain postfroutes in the State of Iowa. February 2, 1872, ch.14 30 Japan. An act in relation to the embassy from Japan. February 2, 1872, ch. 15 . 30 Iron Steam lee-boats. An act to exempt the iron steam ice·boats constructed by the city of Philadelphia from the inspection required by the act of February twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, entitled "An act to provide for the better security of life on board of vessel propelled in whole or in part by steam, and for other purposes." February 6, 1872, ch. 16 .. . 30 Post-Roads. An act establishing certain postroads in Vermont: February 12, 1872, ch. 18 . . 30 Alexander Smith and Halcyon Skinner. An act for the relief of Alexander Smith and Halcyon Skinner. February 20, 1872, ch. 19 .. . . 30 Post-Opioe Department. An act making appropriations to supply a dehciency in the appropriations for salaries and contingent exgnses of the post-otiice department for the current fiscal year. February 20, 1872, ch. . . . . - .. . . 31 Pensions. An act making appropriations for the payment of invalid and other pensions of the United States for the year ending June thirty, eighteen hundred and seventy-tl1ree. February 20, 1872, ch. 2l ... 31 Leavenworth. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to provide a national currency secured by pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," approved June third, eighteen hundred and sixty-four. March 1, 1872, ch. 22 32 Green Bay. de., Ship Canal. An act extending the time for the completion of the Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay and Lake Michigan Ship Canal, in the State of Wisconsin. March 1, 1872, ch. 23 .. 32 Public Park. An act to set apart a certain tract of land lying near the headwaters of the Yellow Stone River as a public park. March l, 1872, ch. 24 . _ . . i . 32 Shreveport. An act to constitute Shreveport in the State of Louisiana, a port of delivery. March 1, 1872, cb. 25 . . . . · 33 Missouri River. An act to authorize the construction of a bridge across the Missouri River at or near St. Joseph, Missouri. March 5, 1872, oh. 28 .. Z . . . 33 Customs Duties, Paintings, Qc. An act to provide for the admission of paintings, statmjy [statuary], and photographs for exhibition, free of duty. March 5, 1872, ch. 29 . . B5 Department of Justice. An act transferring certain powers and duties to the Department of Justice, and providing a seal therefor. March 5, 1872, ch. 30 ... 35 Fm--bearing Animals in Alaska. An act supplementary to the act entitled "An act to prevent the extermination of fur-bearing animals in Alaska." March 5, 1872, ch. 81 . 35 Pensions. An act amending the act approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty- eight, entitled "An act relating to pensions." March 6, 1872, ch. 32 .. 36 Internal Revenue Tax. An act to repeal the paragraphs of schedule C. of the internal revenue acts imposing taxes on canned meats, fish, and certain other articles March 5, 1872, ch. 33 . 36 Customs Duties. Llerohandise for Transportation. Toledo. An act to amend section thirty-five of an act entitled "An act to reduce internal taxes and for other purposes." March 5, 1872, ch. 84 ... 38 Dlstrm Courts and Judges. An act to defray the expenses of district judges from other districts while holding district or circuit courts in the southern district of New York. March 5, 1872, ch. B5 . 35 Washington, D. C. An act to provide for the survey of the harbor and river at Washington, D. C. March 5, 1872, ch. 36 . . . 36 "M?chael and Arma."An act to authorize the issuing of a certiiicate of registry to the brig " Michael and Anna." March 5, 1872, ch. 37 ... 37 " Isadora."An act authorizing an American register to the British brig "1'sadora, " owned hy Edwin M. Fowle, of Newton, Massachusetts. March 5, 1872, ch. 38 ... 37 Swamp Lands in Iowa. An act for the relief of Lucas, O’Brien, Dickinson, and other counties in the State of Iowa. March 5, 1872, ch. 39 37 George W. Morse. An act for the relief of George W. Morse. March 11, 1872, ch. 40 . . . 37 Elko Land District. An act to create an additional land district in the State of Nevada. March 12, 1872, ch. 42 ... . . . 38 Minnesota. An act to create an additional land district in the State of Minnesota. March 12, 1872, ch. 48 .. . . 38 Warren National Bank. An act authorizing the Warren National Bank of South Danvers, in the State of Massachusetts, to change its name to the Warren National Bank of Peabody, Massachusetts. March 12, 187*2, ch. 44 . 38 Public Building at Cincinnati. An act to authorize the purchase of a site for a public building at Cincinnati, Ohio. March 12, 1872, ch. 45 . 39