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t 510 FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 227. 1873. 4 March 8, 1873. CHAP. CCXXVII.—An Act making Apgaropriations _/hr sundry civil Expenses of , }/be G0v<;}mu¢g]for1t;l1e_fiscal Year ending une thirzieth, ezghteen hundred and seventy J our, an oro ter urposes. s Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Chzited j Civil expenses States of America, in Congress assembled, That the following sums be,

£l’;Q§‘;,‘;E;f‘;nd_ and the same are hereby, appropriated, for the objects hereinafter ex- L

iug.1uusao,1874. pressed, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and i seventy-four, namely: PUBLIC PRINTING AND BINDING. §*gill3_P*`l¤*l¤§ For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the Sgperiigrlgggfgf public printing, two million dollars, and of the sum hereby appropriated,

•;.p;lr;xec— printing gpg binding mzgy be done by the congressional printer to the

_ amoun s o owln , name z-- meum For the court df claims; fourteen thousand dollars; for the Department of State, twenty-five thousand dollars; for the Treasury Department, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars; for the War Department, one hundred thousand dollars; for the Navy Department, eighty- five thousand dollars; for the Interior Department, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars; for the Agricultural Department, twenty thousand dollars; for the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General’s ofiice, ten thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the United States, b ¤é{1<>;1}¤g¤tm(3’ twenty-five thousand dollars; for the supreme court of the District of Cobgmfuglagtfmug lumbia, one thousand dollars; for the Post-oflice Department, one huntified to public dred and seventy-five thousand dollars; and for both houses of Congress, P’§*;°’;l,0f,aw one million dollars; and the amounts herein designated for the several ,,,,,,,5,;,,,,g the executive departments may be distributed to the bureaus thereof at the reporting, &c·, discretion of the head of each department, who shall certify such distribugflgigzfgggse tion to the public printer; and the last proviso to the act providing for except, &c. l printing and reporting the debates in Congress, approved April second, 18;% ¤h· 7*2} 3- eighteen hundred and seventy-two, is hereby repealed: Provided, That, m°' p`until a contract is made, the debates shall be printed by the congressional togglggggigw pginter, urgdep tlée direction of the joint committee on public printing on ' e art 0 the enate. Circulars and Fldr printing the preparatory circulars, and for printing and binding, ?¤P°¤‘¤<>{¤llf6‘_ at the government printing office, the report on life-insurance statistics, gigluluw 8mm` made under authority of the Eighth International Statistical Congress, by William Barnes, a delegate• from the United States, in accordance with the plan of publication adopted at the said congress, under the direction of the Secretary of State, three thousand five hundred dollars. Limogmlging, For lithographing, mapping, and engraving for both houses of Congress, ¤¤¤PPi¤€» °· the Supreme Court, and the court of claims, nfty thousand dollars. Im}:;';'?'? D°‘ TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Life-saving For Infe-saving Stations :— For salaries of two superintendents of the "·°*l°¤°i life-saving stations on the coasts of Long island and New Jersey, at one thousand five hundred dollars each, three thousand dollars; and for one ,?,,,;,,t,,,,. superintendent on the coasts of Cape Cod and of Block island, Rhode dw ¤¤*·¤; Island, one thousand dollars. ' keepers, For fifty-four keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each, ten thousand eight hundred dollars. For seventeen keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each three thousand four hundred dollars. d Spr ten keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each, two thousand o ars.