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FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 230. 1873. 551 civil engineer, one thousand five hundred dollars; for gate-keeper and detective, one thousand dollars; and for messenger for commandant’s office, seven hundred and fifty dollars; in all, five thousand and fifty dollars. At the naval station, League island, Pennsylvania: For draughtsman Naval 8;,,;;,,,, and clerk to civil engineer, at one thousand four hundred dollars each; in M l·¤¤s¤¤ i¤l¤¤<l· all, two thousand eight hundred dollars. At the naval asylum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For superintendent, Naval asylum. six hundred dollars; steward, four hundred and eighty dollars; matron, three hundred and sixty dollars; cook, two hundred and forty dollars; assistant cook, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars; chief laundress, one hundred and ninety-two dollars; three laundresses, at one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; eight scrubbers and waiters, at one hundred and sixty-eight dollars each; six laborers, at two hundred and forty dollars each; stable-keeper and drivers, three hundred and sixty dollars; mastersat—arms, four hundred and eighty dollars; corporal, three hundred dollars; barber, three hundred and sixty dollars; for furniture, and repairs of the same, one thousand dollars; house-cleaning and white-washing, eight hundred dollars; furnaces, grates, and ranges, six hundred dollars; gas and water-rent, one thousand four hundred dollars; repairs of all kinds, five thousand dollars; improvement of cemetery, two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars; and for support of benehciaries, forty thousand dollars; in all, fifty-eight thousand four hundred and seventy-eight dollars; which sum shall be paid out of the income from the naval pension hind. For general maintenance of yards and docks, viz: For general ex- Geusraiexpenses of the bureau of yards and docks; Freight and transportation l"’”"“ of materials and stores; printing, stationery, and advertising, including the commandant’s office; books, models, maps, and drawings; purchase and repair of fire—engines; machinery and patent-rights to use the same; repairs on steam—engines and attendance on the same; purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and driving teams, carts, and timberwheels for use in the navy-yards, and tools and repairs of same; postage and telegrams; furniture for government houses and offices in the navy-yards; coal and other fuel; candles, oil, and gas; cleaning and clearing up yards, and care of buildings; attendance on fires; lights; fire-engines and apparatus; incidental labor at navy-yards; water-tax, and for toll and ferriages; pay of the watchmen in the navy-yards; and for flags, awnings, and packing-boxes, and for contingent expenses of yards and docks, not exceeding forty thousand dollars, nine hundred thousand dollars. Bureau of Jlhdicine and Surgery.- For support of the medical_ _Bumauo£¤hed» department for surgeons necessaries for vessels in commission, navy- lc“éi“*jl¤g)i*;§€;>€',K· gappls, naval stations, marine corps, and coast survey, forty thousand eS,,,,,£_ o ars. For necessary repairs of naval laboratory, hospitals, and appendages, Repairs <*{l¤l>_· including roads, wharves, cemeteries, out-houses, steam-heating appara— 2;f;°§2_ °Sp1` tus, side—walks, fences, gardens, and farms, twenty-five thousand dollars. For pay of the civil establishment under this bureau: At the hospital Civil itabliglxat Chelsea, Massachusetts, seven thousand seven hundred and eighty-two ;°“°at Oslm dollars. Chelsea: At the hospital, New York, eleven thousand three hundred and thirty- New York; two dollars. At the hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, six thousand nine hundred Philadelphia; and ninety dollars. _ At the hospital, Wasliington, District of Columbia, four thousand nine W¤Sl¤¤gl¤¤; hundred and twenty-six dollars. At the hospital, Annapolis, Maryland, four thousand five hundred and A¤n¤p<>li¤·

 twelve dollars.