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580 FOR'l`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 242-244. 1873. The committee Sec. 3. That said committee are also authorized to contract with sonic mr:? °‘{;’*'?;‘f°' suitable person or persons under the supervision of said committee and fevigzn gemiwd sinch regulations ag may be léy lthein prescrihed, to prepzirehtlii revmgn of by the 9<>mmi_s— the statutes a rea y reporte y the commissioners, or W IC may e ref;°Q:§`x;‘;e:tl;:}lw ported before said fourth day of May, in the form of a bill, to he presented Gong.-m_ and at the opening of the session of Congress in December next, embodying all wit1imdexes,&¤- the laws so revised and the hills and provisions herein prov1ded for, with proper indexes, so that the same may be in form to he acted upon forthwith by Congress at said session. _Revisions and Sec. 4. That said committee is ihrther authorized to have snch revisions b‘"’· &°·· ‘° b° and bills rinted b r the concrressional printer from tune to time, uniform printed bv con- . p . . 5 ° . . gyggsiongli pm,- Wlth the revision already reported, and to distrihute them, and also the ter, and distrib- consolidation and codiiication of the postal and military laws and treaties EE} for °°"°°` herein provided for, to members of Congress and others competent to judge of their merits, in order for their correction by such persons. Anpropriations Sicc. 5. That any moneys appropriated for the payment of the work

§f;;;’;d*‘{);";};*;* herein provided for shall be disbursed by the Department of Justice trom

Depmmejn of t1me to time only so {ltr as that Department shall be satisfied that the work Justice has been well and faithfully performed, and as said Department shall be satisfied that the' work will be fully done and completed by the commencement of said session of Congress in December next. APl’R.OVED, March 3, 1873. March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCXLII. -— An Act to provide for the Anportionment af the Territory of """““"" W_yo1ningforlegislatiue Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa.tives of the United Apportionment States of America in Congress assembled, That the appormonment of the °; W°_'*`°*?**°;_'Y Territory of Wyoming for the election of members of the next legislative gIect;g;IQ`iu,€€;:_ assembly of said Territory shall be made by the governor thereof, in bers of thelegis- accordance with the provisions of an act of Congress entitled "An act l“t;gE8“s;"‘;m;£‘ to provide a temporary government for the Territory of Wy*oming," V0],;;`-_ 17h_ approved July twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight: Provided, No new census. lhat for the purpose of such apportmnment It shall not. be necessary to take a new or additional census or enumeration of said Territory. APPROVED, March 3, 1873. March 3, 1873. CHAP. CCXI'4III.—An Act to amend the Law requiring consular Ojlcers to collect °`—""' three M0n!lzs’ extra Pay for Seamen in certain Cases. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United VVh - , , man isiiiim States of America m Congress assembled, That the law to regulate the con- °}‘j"`€°d_g’; 8 "°F‘_ sular system of the United States which requires consular officers to 2E2Q2Q6g;,:,]:, collect three months’ extra wages upon the discharge of seamen be, and afiicers mayreniit the same hereby is, so amended as to permit said officers whenever, after a. ‘€ ‘ "“* ‘“°“? ‘* full hearin¤ of both parties, the cause of discharge is found to he the mis- §:t;i¤w€§gfJ;c° conduct of? the seaman. to remit so much of the extra wages as is now by r<¢¤l·ii>r>¤d with- law paid to the seaman discharged: Provided, That relief can immediately

   t° be offered to such seaman by reshipmeut without expense to the United

States. States. Avenovnn, March 3, 1873. March n, 1873- CHAP. CCXLIV. -—An Act to amend an Act entitled "An Act to prevent Smuggling, and {855, 0h_ 2m_§ 7_ pr other l-’urposes," approved July elqhteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty~si;¢. v°l' X"' P' H9' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Coucctm of States of America, in Oozzgress assembled, That the seventh section of the eustoins and of act entitled "An act to further prevent smuggling, and for other purp0se ,"

_t"3§:;;;’ approved July eighteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, is hereby

my days to dis- amended sons to read as follows: I` hat IC shall be the duty of the several trwt utwrney all collectors o1 customs and of mternal revenue to report within ten days to