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694 FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 446. 1872. Appropriations To Robert Gunnell, one thousand and fifty-eight dollars and ninety-

  • "<¤ rwmsvt of nine cents.

fsggnbiizgs 31- To John Gilbert, seven hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents. commissioner of To Benjamin J. Grubb, two thousand seven hundred and eighty-six °l“""s‘ dollars and eight y-four cents. To John R. Garrison, six hundred and seventeen dollars. To William L. Goodwin, two thousand and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Martin Garber, five hundred and fifty-seven dollars. To Elizabeth Garber, one hundred and ten dollars. To George W. Grady, one hundred dollars. To Abraham D. Garber, three thousand and forty dollars. To Moses Glaze, two thousand four hundred and seven dollars and fifty cents. To Elizabeth Gibson, administratrix of the estate of Joshua Gibson, and James W. Gibson, his son and heir, one thousand two hundred and forty-seven dollars and thirty-two cents. To William Garland, one thousand and forty-three dollars and thirty cents. To John Gravlee, five hundred and fifty-nine dollars. To Bazil Hall, ten thousand seven hundred and twenty-nine dollars and sixty-eight cents. To William H. Head, sixty-one dollars. To Noah Hixson, five hundred and six dollars and ninety-seven cents. To James O. C. Haskin, two hundred dollars. To Jerry Hall, two hundred and twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Horatio T. Hawthorn, four hundred and fifty-three dollars. To Thomas H. Holmes, nine hundred and eighteen dollars. To Charles L. Hollingsworth, forty-xhree dollars. To John J. Hall, six hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty cents. To John I·Ienson, seven hundred and twenty-five dollars and twenty— five cents. To William C. V. Hicks, four thousand four hundred and forty-four dollars. To Solomon Hoge, one thousand six hundred dollars and five cents. To George W`. and Jacob Hess, five hundred dollars. To Malviua A. G. Hayes, one thousand two hundred and sixty-three dollars. To Malinda Howie, four hundred and ninety dollars. To Oliver Hodges, five hundred and ninety—1':ive dollars. To Nathaniel P. Harben, three hundred and seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Thomas R. Henderson, nine hundred and forty-nine dollars. To Robert C. Hon, one hundred and five dollars. To Mary S. Hogwood, two hundred and thirteen dollars. To Isaac Harlan, twelve dollars. To `William G. Hartman, one hundred and thirty dollars. To George WV. Humble, administrator de bonis non of the estate of S. W. Bell, deceased, three hundred and twenty dollars. To Jacob llumble, twenty-nine dollars. To Reuben Ives, one hundred and eighty dollars. To A. Henry Ives, nine hundred and forty-eight dollars and forty cents. To Emanuel Isom, three hundred and fifty-four dollars. To William S. Isom, five hundred dollars. To William Jones, eighty dollars. To Cato Jackson, two hundred and twenty-six dollars. To Thomas XV. Jones, seven hundred and ninety one dollars.