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CONVENTION WITH SWEDEN AND NORWAY. MAY 26, 1869. 811 AM. V. Am. V. The present convention shall go Denna konvention skall trade. i C°”l'°“*iQ¤ into eifect immediately on the ex- kraft omedelbart efter ratitikationer- :¤i$,tQu§°h1:,? change of ratitications, and shall nas utvexlando och skall forblifvaloug to continue; continue in force for ten years. If gallande i tio ar. Om ingendera af neither party shall have given the parterna sex manaderforut meddelat other six months! previous notice of den andre. sin afsigt att densamma its intention then to terminate the da upphafva, fdrblifver den fortfarsame, it shall further remain in ande gallande iutill utgangen af tolf force until the end of twelve manader efter det endera af de konmonths after either of the contract- traherande parterna underrattat den ing parties shall have given notice andra om en dylik afsigt. to the other of such intention. Anr. VI. Am. VI. The present convention shall be Denna konvention skall ratificeras vyhenwu ratified by the President, by and af Presidenteni de Forenta Sta- "·*‘H°d· with the advice and consent of the terna af Amerika, uppa och med Senate of the United States, and Senatens derstades tillstyrkande och by His Majesty the King of Sweden bifall, samt af Hans Majt. Konungen and Norway; and the ratifications af Sverige och Norge; och ratifikashall be exchanged at Stockholm tionerna skola utvexlas i Stockholm within twenty-four months from the inom tjugn fyra manader fran donna date hereof dag. In faith whereof the Plenipoten- Till bestyrkande hvaraf Fullmagtiaries have signed and sealed this tige denna konvention undertecknat convention. och med sina insegel bekraitat. Srocxnonm, May 26, 1869. Srooknonu den 26te May` 1869. [ssrn.] JOSEPH J. BARTLETT. [swim,.] C. WACHTMEISTER. PROTOCOL. PROTOKOLL. P¤>¤>¤<>l· Donn AT Srooxnonm, MAY 26, Uunmnrnoxnanr 1 Srocxnotu May 26, 1869- 1869. mm 26 MAJ 1869. The undersigned met to-day to Undertecknade sammantradde i sign the convention agreed upon dag for att imderskrifva den i ofvein_ conformity with their respective rensstammelse med deras respektiva full powers, relating to the citizen- fullmakter afslutade konvention roship of those persons who emigrate rande de personers nationalitet som from the United States of America utvandra fran de Forenta Staterna to Sweden and Norway, and from af Amerika till Sverige och Norge Sweden and Norway to the United och fran Sverige och Norge till de States of America; on which occa- Fiirenta Staterna af Amerika; och sion the following observations, blefvo vid detta tillfalle foljande more exactly defining and explain- forklaranden i detta protokoll ining the contents of this convention, tagna, i andamal att narmare bewere entered in the following pro- stamma och forklara innehallet af tocol :-- denna konvention : -—— I. Relating to the first article of I. I afseende a konventionens the convention. forsta artikel: It is understood that if a citizen Det ar ofverenskommet att om The additional of the United States of America en medborgareide Forenta Staterna g;’;c5;°;;i'r’;‘iS*‘ has been discharged from his Ameri- af Amerika blifvit lagligen befriad umd, when, can citizenship, or, on the other side, fran sitt anierikanska medborgares- gcc. if 8. Swede or a Norwegian has kap, eller, 5. andra sidan, om en