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. FORTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. CH- 82, 83, 85. 1872. 49 in favor of the United States, and conveyance by John G. Woerner to the United Qtates of a valid title to the said strip or parcel of land lying north of the said new division line, and adjoining the southeast corner of the said St. Louis marine hospital grounds, and the payment of all expenses that may be incurred in locating said new line, determining the diiference in value of the two parcels of land, and the- transfer herein provided for, and com— pliance with the other conditions herein set forth, the Secretary of the Treas- Secretary of ury shall execute the necessary deeds for the conveyance to John G. Woerner mi T’°“f;1“Y °° of the parcel of land lying on the south side of said new division line, and ;;{§l;_‘ycde§d:?- adjoining the southwest corner of the St. Louis marine hospital grouhds. Approved, April 2, 1872. CHA]?. LXXXIII. — An Act authorizing? azgmerican Register to the Dutch Bark "Alicc April 2 1879, a,. _» —..._; Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of ltepresentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treas- Registertc my be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to issue an American {W? *° the bm}, register to the Dutch bark “Alice Tarlton," owned by John S. Emery Aim Tam°n' and Company, of Boston, Massachusetts. Approved, April 2, 1872. ·——·· A n1 4. ram. CHAP. LXXXV.——An Adio enable Iumorably discharged Soldiers and Sailors, their Widows and orphan Children, to acquire Homesteads on the public Lands of the Uizited ° 1872, ch- 338. Stages_ Past, p. 333. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United i?,;,?; giigggfj States of America in Oongress assembled, That every private soldier and Certain honorofficer who has served in the army of the United States during the recent “lfg€ dl¤°h%;‘3°d rebellion for ninety days, or more, and who was honorably discharged, and ,jY,di;E;.,;;:°m’ has remained loyal to the government, including the troops mustered into may enter upon, the service of the United States by virtue of the third section of an act g°éjq';‘;;&‘;°;ec_ entitled "A.u act making appropriations for completing the defences of tion of certain Washington, and for other purposes," approved February thirteenth, }l:¤bli°tl¤¤:1d¤ M ¤ eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and every seaman, marine, and officer 1§g;”c;°2g §3 who has served in the navy of the United States, or in the marine corps, voljxiif ,,_’339f during the rebellion, for ninety days, and who was honorably discharged, 1862,_eh. 75. ( and has remained loyal to the government, shall, on compliance with the V°1‘X“‘ P‘ 39% provisions of an act entitled "An act to secure homesteads to actual settiers on the public domain," and the acts amendatory thereof, as hereinafter modified, be entitled to enter upon and receive patents for a quantity of public lands (not mineral) not exceeding one hundredand sixty acres, or one quarter-section, to be taken incompact form according to legal subdivisions, including the alternate reserved sections of public lands along the line of any railroad or other public work, not otherwise reserved or appropriated, and other lands subject to entry under the homestead laws of the United States: Provided, That said homestead settler shall be allowed six &S6*¤<~>r¤eg¤¢, months after locating his homestead within which to commence his settle- c0'Qm";QZ8d ;m_,_ ment and improvement: And provided also, That the time which the home- in, &c. stead settler shall have served in the army, navy, or marine corps aforesaid, Certain time to shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title, or if b° d6d“°°°d· discharged on account of wounds received, or disability incurred in the line of duty, then the term of enlistment shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title, without reference to the length of time he may have served: Provided, however, That no patent shall issue to any_ Patsntnotto homestead settler who has not resided upon, improved, and cultivated his *”“° uml: &°· said homestead for a period of at least one year after he shall commence his improvements as aforesaid. _ _ _ Persons mmm Sec. 2. That any person entitled under the provisions of the foregoing under this act to section to enter a homestead, who may have lleretofore entered under the ghomgstgtmwhe ave er v01.. xvu. Pms. — 4