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866 TREATY WITH GREAT BRITAIN. MA! 8, 1871. making satisfactory provision for the future, agrees that in deciding the questions between the two countries arising out of those claims, the arbitrators should assume that her Majesty’s government had undertaken to act upon the principles set forth in these rules. And the high contracting parties agree to observe these rules as between themselves in future, and to bring them to the knowledge of other maritime powers, and to invite them to accede to them. Anrronn VII. Dscisionmbs The decision of the tribunal shall, if possible, be made within three

“;l;l;‘;l}$;‘Ug§d months from the close of the argument on both sides.

’ It shall be made in writing and dated, and shall be signed by the arbitrators who may assent to it. tobs msdeas The said tribunal shall first determine as to each vessel separately '°° °¤°l¤ ‘·'°¤S°l whether Great Britain has, by any act or omission, failed to fulfil any of °°p°'m'°Iy' the duties set forth in the foregoing three rules, or recognized by the principles of international law not inconsistent with such rules, and shall _It Great Init- certify such fact as to each of the said vessels. In case the tribunal find

l;?;°;;gS’;um that Great Britain has failed to fulfil any duty or duties as aforesaid, it

maybe ,,,,,,,,,;,,,1, may, if it think proper, proceed to award a sum in gross to be paid by when to be Great Britain to the United States for all the claims referred to it; and in Paid- such ease the gross sum so awarded shall be paid in coin by the government of Great Britain to the government of the United States, at Washington, within twelve months after the date of the award. Award to bein The award shall be in duplicate, one copy whereof shall be delivered to d¤Pll°°t°i_¤¤dt° the agent of the United Statesfor his government, and the other copy wh°m d° wml shall be delivered to the agent of Great Britain for his government. Anrrcnn VIII. Expensesof Each government shall pay its own agent and provide for the proper gziagligaggfv remuneration of the counsel employed by it and of the arbitrator appointed {myd, by it, and for the expense of preparing and submitting its case to the tribunal. All other expenses connected with the arbitration shall be defrayed by the two governments in equal moieties. Anrrcrn IX. Arbitratcrs w The arbitrators shall keep an accurate record of their proceedings, and k°°P ¤ ”°°*`d· may appoint and employ the necessary officers to assist them. Anrxcnn X. If GreatBi·itain In case the tribunal finds that Great Britain has failed to fulfil any duty is §>¤¤d in *`¤“l* or duties as aforesaid, and does not award a sum in gross, the high con- Lnmz ximaén tracting parties agree that a board of assessors shall be appointed board cfassessors to ascertain and determine what claims are valid, and what amount or {Z 3;;f£Q:;*°d amounts shall be paid by Great Britain to the United States on account claims, &e.; of the liability arising from such failure, as to each vessel, according to the extent of such liability as decided by the arbitrators. how to be cou- The board of assessors shall be constituted as follows: One member ¤ti¤¤*€d· thereof shall be named by the President of the United States, one member thereof shall be named by her Britannic Majesty, and one Vacancies. member thereof shall be named by the representative at Washington of his Majesty the King of Italy; and in case of a vacancy happening from any cause, it shall be filled in the same manner in winch the original Board to meet 8pp0lDl5II1GI1iZ W3.S 1112116. when. As soon as possible after such nominations the board of assessors