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POSTAL CONVENTION —-ECUADOR. MAY 9, 1871. 879 t onvention b w n t n`’ Pos al O ei ee he g` gmies of Ammca and the Republic May 9, 1871. Tm: undersigned, John A. J. Creswell, Postmaster-General of the C?¤t¤`¤°"-lu! United States of America, in virtue of the powers vested in him by law, l“‘"‘°" and Antonio Flores, minister of the Republic of Ecuador at Washington, in the name of his government, and by virtue of the powers which he has formally presented to this effect, have agreed upon the following articles, to wit: Axrrcnn I. An exchange of mails shall hereafter take place between the United Exchange of States of America and the Republic of Ecuador, by the ordinary means malls. by wlm of communication via the Isthmus of Panama, the Government of the mg: QQ2d,:;, United States to be at the expense of the transportation thereof between P ' New York and Panama, and San Francisco and Panama, so long as direct service by United States steamers, including the Isthmus transit, is maintained under existing conditions; and the government of Ecuador to be at the expense of the transportation thereof between Panama and Ecuador so long as the present or_other similar arrangement for the ocean mail service between Panama and Ecuador is continued. The correspondence so exchanged shall comprise: 1. Letters and manuscripts subject by the laws of either country to Mail matte:. letter rate of postage. 2. Newspapers and prints of all kinds, in sheets, in pamphlets, and in books, sheets of music, engravings, lithographs, photographs, drawings, maps and plans, and such correspondence may be exchanged, whether originating in either of said countries and destined for the other, or originating in or destined for foreign countries to which they may respectively serve as intermediaries. Amxons II. New York and San Francisco shall be the offices of exchangp on the chgfafs °f °x‘ side of the United States, and Guayaquil and Manta shall be the offices g ` of exchange on the side of Ecuador, for all mails transmitted between the two countries under this arrangement; and all mail matter transmitted in either direction between the respective offices of exchange shall be forwarded in close bags or pouches, under seal, addressed to the cor- Closed bagsresponding exchange office, and the mails so dispatched from either country to the other shall be forwarded to the United States consul and resident mail agent at Panama, who is hereby designated as the agent of Mau gggnf, the two governments for receiving the bags or pouches at that port from either direction, and for dispatching the same to their respective ultimate destinations. The two Post Departments may, at any time, discontinue either of said Omcss of exoffices of exchange or establish others. f,l‘;‘g§‘;,Q},”;{,P§,c_ Anrrcu: III. The standard weight for the ingle rate of postage and rule of pro- Weightfcr singression shan be: sla me •>f wt-