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956 APPENDIX. wages paid by the government by the day to such laborers, workmen, and mechamcs on account of the reduction of the hours of labor. In tcsmmony whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seul of the United States to be affixed. Donc at the city of Washington this eleventh day of May, in the year of our [SEAL J Lord one thousand aight hundred and seventy-two, and of the Inde- ' pendence of the United States the ninety-sixth. B h P d U. S. GRANT. yt e resx cnt: HLNIILTON Frsu, Secretary of Siatc. N0. 11. June 1, 1872. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AJSIERICA: A PROCLAMATION. Preamble. IWQIFIREAS the act of Congress, approved May 22, 1872, removes all political 1872, ch.193. disabilities iméaoscd by the third section of the fourteenth article of amend- ,é"{‘”£$· 14%,9 ments to the cmscitution of the United States from all persons whomsoever, ’ 'P’except Senators and Representatives oflhhc Thlrtpsixth mul Thirty-sevguth 1870, ch. 114, Congresses and officcrs 111 the _]ud1c1al, lhlllmrx, and usval sarvlce of the United 5M- _ States, heads of departments, and formgn m1u1stcrs oi the Umtsd States; and V°l- X"- P- Ma whereas it is represented to me that there are now pending in the several cir- Cult and district cohrts of the United States proceedings by quo warrants, under f§’S£"2T2f?‘§2S§‘Z€?3£fpZ?I€f°“ if if-’“g{F” 3‘2‘“"iY€.`} Mil 33 1879, “" E8` _ ·1 c__ hnsyvo eacge 0 0 sm ocssmv10a,· t10I} of the provxsmus of smd arucle of amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and also penal prosecutions against such persons under the iiftcenth section of the act of Congress aforesaid: P;-osecutimls Now, therefore, I, Umfssms S. Gmmr, President of the United States, do ggésélgg *:s(;E¤¤ hereby dirs1ct_ a.ll_district attorneys having charge of such proceedings and proswhom mmm] ccutxons tg dismiss und_d1scoucmue_the same, except as to persons who may be disabilities have embraced m the exceptxous named m the act of Congress iirst above cited. bc? ygmoved, thIr{fe_ t13nony wheri>f,&{5havc hereunto set my hand and caused the seal ol gr ere diswu- e nite States to c xcd.

  • 1**1*%*1- Done at the city of Washington this first day of June, in the year of our

[SML 3 Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two, and of the Inde- ' peudcuce of the United States of America the ninety-sixth. B HEP id t U. S. GRANT. y res eu : Hsmuxrox Fxsu, Secretary of State. No. 12. Sept. 4, 1872. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: A PROCLAMATION preamble `VHEREAS satisfactory information has been received by me from His Majesty thp Emperor of Japan, thropgh an official communication of Mr. Arinori Mom, Hxs Ma_]esty’s Clmrgé d’AHEures, under daizc of the sccond instant, that no other or higher duties of tonnage or xmpost are imposed or levied in the orts of the Empxre of Japan, upon vessels wholly belonging to citizens ofpthe United States, or upon the produce, manufactures, oxanucrchandise imported in the same from the llmtcd States, or fr0m_a.ny foreign country, than are levied Strénigasnese shnps and thexr cargoes m the same ports under like circum- Discrimimntiug Now, therefore, I, Unvsszas S. GRANT, President of the U `ted St t s f g§_;f?5i;*é1i1*;F- America, by virtue of the authority vcstcd in me by an act of ghngrassasf the p__;_;€d`in Japmr t,wenty~fourfl1 day of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight., do wv6s8B1S, to be hereby declare and proclaim that from and a, the said second instant, s0 ,;,s,.(,,,mm€,; so lqng_as_vessels of the United Qmtes and than cargoes shall be exempt from l·3;§ 1 dnscrnmxnzmni duties as aforesaid, any such duties on Japanese vessels cntcring ~i_(;l~iv;. pl kgs- glue ports of then United States, or oh the produce, nmnufactures, or merchandise ‘ xmpormd in such vessels, shall be dxsccmtmucd and abolished.