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334 1¤on1·Y.rn1n1> ooncnnss. srss. 11. cn. os, oa. ms. compel him to make the returns and perform the duties in this act re uired. Cioik of iiisiiici (Sec. 5. That if any clerk of any district or circuit courtof the United oreircuit courtfail— States shall willfully refuse or neglect to make any report, certificate, Eg l>*;;¤¤;¢;;¤(i>°{)*» statement, or other document required by law to be by him made, or mgm gc mmmé shall willfully refuse or neglect to forward any such report, certificate, by 15,,,i,i,,,ii,_ statement, or document to the deparitmenltl, omceiydor pergonhtolwhom, by law the ame should be forwar e the resident 0 the nited States is empowered, and it is hereby made his duty, in every such case, to remove such clerk so offending horn office by an order in writing for ` thatpurposed Tend Epo; the presgitatigili offsplch olridertégrgtcacipy thtemtai, authenticate y the t orney- ener o e H1 es, e judge of the court whereof such offender is clerk, such clerk shall thereupon be deemed to be out of office, and shall not exercise the functions Aminiiiimciii of thereof And such district judge, in the case of the clerk of a district successor. court, shall appoint a successor; and in the case of the clerk of acircuit Disqimiiiimi 0,, court, the circuit judge shall appoint a successor. And such person so or clerk removed. removed shall not be eligible, to any appointment as clerk or deputy clerk for the period of two years next after splch removal. u h H , · - Sec. 6. That if any clerk mentioned in the pr ing scc 'on s a orcélghuf S willfully refuse or neglect to make or to forward any such report, cer- WiU£¤US’ *¤*"¤¤i_¤2 tiiicate, statement, or document therein mentioned, he shall be deemed gg0m **1* ° '“p°‘t“* guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ' one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, in the discretion of the court; but a conviction under this section shall not be neces ary as a condition precedent to the removal from oihco provided for in this act. _ Miicm, mid OX. Sec. 7. That the proviso in the sixth paragraph of the act entitled pcn¤eso1‘attorneys, “An act making appropriations for the support of the army for the fis-

  • ;*1 **1*% Md cal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred a.nd seventy-five, and

,8,,; ,,285, am for other purposes," approved June sixteenth, eighteen hundred and ,,_ 7e_ ’ ’ ’ seventy-four, shall not be construed to apply or to have applied to attorneys, marshals, or clerks of courts of the United States, their assistants or deputies. And all accounts of said attorneys, marshals, and clerks, for mileage and for expenses incurred subsequent to the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and prior to the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-five,_shall and may be audited, allowed, and paid at pho Treasury Department of the United fStates ig the same manner asi said act had not been passed. And om an after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, no such officer or person shall become entitled to any allowance for mileage or travel not actually and necessarily performed under the provisions of existing aw. ' R,,,,,,,,_ Sec. 8. That all acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. Approved, February 22, 1875. Fci,_23,18·;5_ CHAP. 99.—An act for thedreliieé rglaéztualéetgsrz onflws claimed to be swamp and -;.__ ove ow s in e a e o scurr. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Pdu r en]`? scrs or Séaltis of Aniegica in gongress eilssemblcd, That in all cases in the State Mw S in issvuri o issourl w ere an s ave ereto ore een selected and claimed as {",;§;"°'?‘P.1*““»*‘; swamp and overilowed lands by said State and the various counties prioritytopre- . 7. 7 . cnrptcrhomesteiiu, therein, by virtue of any act of Congress, and said lands have been iflands not in fact withheld from market in consequence thereof by the General Govern- ¤W¤¤¤1>· melnst, gpg tgiegaidtgtatc land counties hiss; sold said lagds tolactuaél set- , 31 se ers ave improve e same o e va ue o one lmndred dlollalrs; said scttleés, their heirs, assigns, and legal represent, a ives w o ave continue to reside thereon shall have priority o right to preempt or homestead all such lands as, may be rejected by the