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76 FOBTY—FOUB.TH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 168, 169, 172. 1876. · offices or parties authorized to dispose of said lands, which testimony V · shall be received as if taken before_the officers of such land office. _ Net proceeds, Sec. 5. That the net proceeds arising from such sales, after defraying how owned and the expen sesof appraisemeut and sa|e,wh1ch have heretofore or may here- “°°d· after be incurred, and also the outstanding indebtedness, principal and interest, of said Kansas tribe of Indians, which has heretofore been incurred undertreaty stipulations, shall belong to said tribe in common, and may be used by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, under direction of the President of the United States, in providing and improving for them' new homes in the Indian Territory, and in subsisting them R0,,,,,,,,, Placed until they become self-sustaining; and the residue, not so required, at interest. shall be placed to their credit on the books of the Treasury, and bear interest at the rate of five per centum per annum, and be held as a fund lor their civilization, the interest of which, and the principal, when deemed necessary by the President of the United States, may be used Proceedings un- for such purpose: Provided, that no proceedings shall he taken under dvr ihis Mt WW1 this act until the said Kansas Indians shall tile their assent thereto with

  • ° b° 1‘“d· the Secretary of the Interior

Approved, July 5, 1876. _ Jn1y 6, ]376_ CHAP. 169.-An act to authorize the construction of a ponton-bridge across the Mis- —-—-—-——-- sissippi River from some feasible point in La Crosse County, in the State of Wiscousin,. to some feasible point in Houston County, in the State of Minnesota. ' A Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United 1,,,0 0,,0 ,,0,,,0,, States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for the bridgcmay hebnilt city of La Crosse to construct a pile and ponton bridge across the Mishyci¤y<>fLn0r<>¤¤¤- sissippi River at some feasible point in La Crosse County in the State , of Wisconsin, so as to connect with the opposite shore of the said river, How to be built. in the State of Minnesota; said bridge to be built subject, except as herein modihed, to all the terms, requirements, and limitations contained in the act entitled “An act. to legalize and establish a pontou-railway-bridge across the Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien, and to . · authorize the construction of a similar bridge at or near Clinton, Iowa," 1874, ch, 224, approved June sixth, eighteen hundred and seventy-tour, so far as they 18 Stat., 62. may be applicable thereto. Width of nonton- Sec. 2. That the bridge shall be constructed with one suitable pon-

  • l’**“'- ton-draw of not less than four hundred feet in width, located over the

main channel of the river: Provided, That said bridge shall not be built or commenced until the plan and specifications for its construction have b AP¥é;‘$fg::*`1’]:’; been submitted to the Secretary of War for his approval, nor until he 0 “PQ0._ ry shall approve the plan and the location of said bridge; and it any change be made in the plan of construction of said bridge at any time, such change shall he subject to the approval of the Secretary of War , and Changes in een- any change in the construction or any alteration of said bridge that _ ¤¤‘¤¤¤<>¤· may be directed at any time by Congress or the Secretary of War shall be made at the cost and expense of the owners thereof: And provided Right to alter. farther, That the right is hereby reserved to Congress to alter amend ““’°“d» °' ”°P““‘- or repeal this act; and in case of the repeal of this act, the bridge shall be removed without expense to the United States, and if this act be Alterations with- amended any change or alteration required of the bridge shall be with- .g*:;,g§“* "° Umled out cost to the United States. ' . Approved, July 6, 1876. July 8, 1876. CHAP. 172.-An act authorising the Nebraska City Bridge Company to construct a ——-———-—— ponton railway-bridge across the Missouri River at Nebraska City in Otoe County, Nebraska. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United m£;Q:°sn3“`Qgé‘gg States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful for the ,,,,000 0,, N0b,00k0 Nebraska City Bridge Company, a. corporation having authority from muy_ the State of Nebraska and from the State of Iowa, its successors and