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FOBTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 183, 184. 1876. 89 "SEO. 5546. All persons who have been, or who may hereafter be, D9¤is1{9~*i¢>¤ _<>_f convicted of crime by any court of the United States whose punish ment ,1;°“j‘;‘;3;*1Q' Sggll is imprisonment in a District or Territory where, at the time of convic- ,,,{,1_ y tion, or at any time during the term of imprisonment, there may be no penitentiary or jail suitable for the connnement of convicts or available therefor, shall be connned during the term for which they have been or may be sentenced, or during the residue of said term, in some suitable jail or penitentiary in a convenient State or Territory, to be designated by the Attorney-General, and shall be transported and delivered to the warden or keeper of such jail or penitentiary by the marshal of the District or Territory where the conviction has occurred; and if the conviction be had in the District of Columbia, the transportation and delivery shall be by the warden of the jail of that District ; the reasonable actual expense of transportation, necessary subsistence, and hire and transportation of guards and the marshal, or the warden of the jail in the District of Columbia, only, to be paid by the Attorney·General, out of the judiciary fund. But if, in the opinion of the Attorney·General, the expense of transportation from any State, Territory or the District of Columbia, in which there is no penitentiary, will exceed the cost of maintaining them in jail in the State, Territory, or the District of Columbia during the period of their sentence, then it shall be lawful so to connne them therein for the period designated in their respective sentences. And the place of imprisonment may be changed in any Change ofdesigcase, when, in the opinion of the Attorney·General, it is necessary lor ¤*m°“· the preservation of the health of the prisoner, or when, in his opinion, the place of confinement is not sufficient to secure the custody of the _ “ prisoner, or because of cruel or improper treatment: Provided, however, P'°"”°· That no change shall be made in the case of any prisoner on the ground of the unhealthiness of the prisoner, or because of his treatment, after his conviction and during his term of imprisonment, unless such change shall be applied for by such prisoner, or some one in his behalf? Approved, July 12, 1876. . 184.-—-An act to thorize the Northwestern Im rovement om an cor- Cggdtion organized und;} the laws of the State of Wisconsin, tointrg upbii the Menomonee Indian reservation, and improve the Oconto River, its branches and tributaries. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the assent of Congress be, O(£;{°;‘;Q€,“é‘fI{¥,,gf and hereby is, given to the Northwestern Improvement Company, a cor- cousin, by sim],- poration organized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, to improve western improveffic Oeonto River and, its branches and tributaries, so as to run logs m°¤*’ C°mP¤¤5'· down said river its branches, and tributaries, across the Menomonee Damages_ Indian reservation, in accordance with the laws of said State: Provided, That any damages which may be caused by such improvement shall be awarded as in all other cases under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, Rightggf Lfgnomand the amount be paid into the Treasury of the United States for the once I¤di¤¤¤- beneiit of said Indians; and said Indians and all other persons shall be permitted to use said river for the purpose of running logs, as contemplated in this act ; and the charges for said privileges shall be regulated by the legislature of the State of Wisconsin: Provided, That all privileges under this act may be altered or revoked by Congress. Approved, July 12, 1876.