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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 213. 1876. 93 property and the part of the avenue to be paid for by said railroad company, and one-half of the cost of paving the intersection of the streets and avenues, less that to be paid by the railroad company, and the other half shall be paid out of the revenues of the District of Columbia, and the residue of the cost of such paving shall be paid as follows: One-third by the owners of private property lying and abutting on said Pennsylvania avenue, in proportion to their frontage thereon, as hereinafter provided; one third by the United States; and one-third out of the general revenue of the District of Columbia; and the amount Appropriation. required to pay the part of said cost assumed by the United States shall be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and the amount required to pay the part of said cost charged to the District of Columbia shall also be paid ‘out of any money in the 'United States Treasury not otherwise appropriated, but the money so paid shall be reimbursed to the Treasury of the United States by the Reimbursement. District of Columbia from money derived from taxation upon the warrants or orders of said commission duly audited in the Treasury Department: Provided, That the property owners of such parts of squares two Property swims hundred and fifty—iour, two hundred and fifty-six, three hundred and in c<¤rt¤»i¤ Squamtwenty-three, three hundred and forty-eight, and four hundred and eight, as are abutting upon said pavement, shall be assessed at the same rate per front toot as the owners on Pennsylvania avenue; And provided further, That the space between Seventh and Eighth streets, opposite the locality now occupied by the Washington Market Company, shall washington MM. be paid by the District of Columbia, unless the suit now pending as to kot Company. the ownership of said ground shall be decided against the said District when the same shall be refunded, with legal interest, by the Washington Market Company to said District. Sec. 4. That assessments shall be made by the Commissioners of the Assessments, by District of Columbia upon the owners of said private property on said whom made. avenue and spaces, and upon said railroad company respectively, provided for in section three of this act, and the sums so found collected by the collector of the District of Columbia, and paid into the Treasury Depomm TMS. of the United States, where it shall be held as a special fund for the my. specific purpose herein named; and such fund, together with such sum as shall be found to be due and payable from the United States for its payments from proportion of the cost of said pavement, together with the proportion Treasury. due from the District of Columbia, shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury, on the warrant or order of the commission, or a. majority thereof, herein authorized, in such amounts and at such times as they may deem safe and proper in view of the progress of the work. SEO. 5. That the cost of laying down said pavement exclusive of the Limit of mst_ work charged to and paid for by the Washington and Georgetown Rail- p,,8,_ pl,207 223 road Company, but including the removal of the present pavement,' grading the avenue, and all other work and materials necessary to fully complete said pavement for use, shall not exceed the sum of four dollars and thirty cents per square yard; Provided said pavement shall Time of cmp1g_ be fully completed and ready for use December first, eighteen hundred mm, and seventy-six. ' Sec. 6. That if the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company, , D¤f’*“1** in P”·Y‘ or any private citizen or other corporation or person, shall neglect or mg °“°°°m°"t°' refuse to pay the amount assessed for the paving herein authorized, (within thirty days alter the notification of such assessment shall have been published in one or more pa-pers printeddn the District of Columbia,) in front of, or adjoining their property, when the work so fronting or adjoining their property shall have been completed to the satisfaction of the commission provided for in this act, and assessed by the District of Columbia Commissioners, the said Commissioners of the District of _ _ . Columbia shall issue certificates of indebtedness against the property, d_€€'g°°“*°“°f’“' which certificates shall bear interest at the rate of ten per oentum per ° ° nm' annum until paid, and which, until they are paid, shall remain and be