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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 246. 1876. 107 For one hundred and fifty-two keepers of stations, at two hundred dollars each, thirty thousand four hundred dollars. For five keepers of houses of refuge on the coast of Florida, two thousand four hundred dollars. For pay of crews of experienced surfmen at such stations and for such periods as the Secretary of the Treasury may deem necessary and proper, one hundred and forty-five thousand dollars. For compensation to volunteers at life-boat stations, eight thousand one hundred and sixty dollars. For fuel for one hundred and fifty-seven stations and houses of refuge, repairs and outfits for the same; supplies and provisions for houses of refuge and for shipwrecked persons succored at stations; travelling expenses of officers under orders from the_Treasury Department; and contingent expenses, including freight, storage, repairs to apparatus, medals, stationery, advertising and miscellaneous expenses that cannot be included under any other head of life-saving stations, life-boat stations and houses of refuge on the coasts of the United States, forty thousand dollars. And the person in immediate charge of the life-savin g service, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall make a report Report oroxpona. annually to the Secretary of the Treasury, showing the manner in which ituws and ··|><j¤=· all moneys appropriated lor the maintenance of said service shall have gggicgf M ‘“"“"¤ been expended, and setting forth specifically the operations of said ‘ service during the year ; and said report shall be transmitted to Congress with the papers accompanying the Annual Finance Report. REVENUE GUTTER SERVICE. _ For the pay of captains, lieutenants, engineers, and pilots, and for Expenses of rev rations for the same, and for pay of petty officers, seamen, cooks, stew- ¤¤<·>·<>¤¤*>°F S¤*V*¢‘— ards, boys, coal-passers, and firemen, and for rations for the same, and for fuel for vessels, repairs and outfits for same, ships-chandlery and engineers’ stores for same, travelling expenses of officers travelling on duty under orders from the Treasury Department, commutation of quarters, and contingent expenses including wharfage, towage, dockago, freight, advertising, surveys, and miscellaneous expenses which cannot be included under special heads, seven hundred and forty-seven thousand six hundred and forty-seven dollars and nineteen cents, in addition to one hundred and twenty-seven thousand two hundred and forty-three dollars and ninety-one cents, being the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the same purpose for the service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred and and seventyfour, which is hereby continued and rendered.avai1able for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven: Provided, That hereafter upon the occurring of a vacancy in the grade of third lieutenant in the Revenue Marine Service, the Secretary of the Treasury may appoint a cadet, not less than g,,,;,,,,, may i,,. eighteen nor more than twenty-five years of age, with rank next below appointed. that of third lieutenant, whose pay shall be three-fourths that of a third lieutenant, and who shall not be appointed to a higher grade until he shall have served a atisfactory probationary term of two yea rs and passed the examination required by the regulations of said service; and upon the promotion of such cadet another may be appointed in his stead; but the whole number of third lieutenants and cadets shall at no time exceed the number of third lieutenants now authorized by law. J UDICIARY. For defraying the expenses of the Supreme Court and circuit and dis- E x rw ws M trict courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; °°“"““· and also for jurors and witnesses and expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, of prosecutions for offenses committed against the United States; for the safekeeping of prisoners, and for defraying the expenses which may be incurred in the enforcement of the