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340 FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. OH. 103. 1877. From Barnard, via Guilford, Conception and Mount Pleasant, to Albany. From Rockport via Centrepoint, to College Springs, Iowa. From Eden to Vandalia, via Perry and West Hartord. From Frederickstown to Greenville. From Dexter City to Four Mile. From Doniphan to Van Buren, via Pleasant Valley. From Gayoso to Cowskin. From Downing, via Hitt and Stile’s, to Bloomfield, Iowa. From Dayton, via Shoalsburg, to Murphyborough. From Marshiield, via Ava, to Yellville, Arkansas. From Saint Genevieve to Red Bud, Illinois. From Cuba to Vienna. Montana. MONTANA. From Bozeman City to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I Nebraska. NEBRASKA. From Culbertson by Frepchmen’s Creek to western border of Chase County. From Caineo to Oneta Falls. From Loup Fork and Rocksville to Loup City. From Ord, via Longwood, to Kent. From Grand Island, via Ruunelsburg and Zurich, to Cameron. From Plum Creek to New Helena. ' From Kenesaw to Riverton. From Red Cloud to Gawker City, Kansas. From Carrico to Willow Fork on Glen Creek. From Kearney to Deadwood. From Valley Station via Wahoo to Osceola. From Sidney via Custar to Deadwood. Nowlfiampshire- NEW HAMPSHIRE. From J cfferson to Highland. From East Wakefield to North Shapleigh, Maine. New Jersey. NEW JERSEY. From Patenburg to Norton. From Parsippany to Morris Plains, via Littleton. From Morris Plains to Littleton. New Mexico. NEW MEXICO. From Fort Bascom to Trinidad. From Fort Stanton, N. M. to Fort Davis, Texas. From Beenalillo to Fort Wingate. From Tiera Amanillo to Fort Wingate. From Fort Bascom to Fort Sumner. - From Cimarron by Rockdale, to La Cienta. From Abiquiu, New Mexico, to Silverton, Colorado. From Fort Craig to Ojo Caliente. From Las Vegas to Las Alamos. New York. NEW YORK. From Danbury, Connecticut, via Mill Plain to BPBWSLOIJS Station, New York. From Amber to Marseilles. From Lafayette Station to. Pomfrey Hill. From Risingville to Campbelltown, via Merchantsville. From Nassau to Niverville, via North Chatham.