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498 rotary-Founrn oonennss. sms. 1. nes. 14. 1876. July 7, 1876. [No. 14.] Joint resolution, for the relief of Edward O’M. Condon. P¤¤¤¤¤l>l#>- Whereas, Edward O’M. Condon, a citizen of the United States, is now, and has been for some time closely confined in prison under the sentence of a British court; and whereas an earnest and profound desire, evidenced by resolutions of State legislatures, and petitions nunierously signed and addressed to Congress, is entertained by a large and respectable portion of the people of the United States that he should be speedily released; therefore, Jtesol ved by the Senate and House ofliiepresentattoee of the United States r i-esi den t re- of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States <i¤¤¤¢¢·l *·<> *=¤l<<> be, and he is hereby, requested to take such steps as in his judgment SVP? m §?°§;‘{°_t1}° may tend to obtain the pardon or release of the said Edward O’M. Conpdtll Oll 0 ( \‘\21ld . . O>M_ (joudum (l01I fI‘0I11 1lDpI‘1SOI1H1811iZ. Approved, July 7, 1876. —