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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 13, 1-1. 1876. 50] Whereas, said lands having been injured by earthquakes, the said Samuel Ware availed himself of the provisions of the act of the seventeenth day of February, eighteen hundred and fifteen, (Statutes, volume three, page two hundred and eleven,) whereby persons owning lands in said county of New Madrid which were materially injured by earthquakes were authorized to locate the like quantity of lands on any of the then Territory the sale of which is authorized by law; and Whereas, in pursuance of said law, said Ware relinquished his claim to the land confirmed as number four hundred and thirty eight, under the act of the twenty-ninth day of April, eighteen hundred and sixteen, and applied for a certificate of relocation, and Whereas, on the sixteenth day of August, eighteen hundred and sixteen, Frederick Bates, recorder of land titles, did issue to said Samuel Ware certificate of location numbered sixty-three, which was afterward located on the east half of section twelve, township twenty-four north, of range seventeen east, and the west half of section seven, township twenty four north, of range eighteen east, on Wolf Island, in the Mississippi River, upon the supposition that said island was in the State of Missouri; and Whereas, it has been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States (eleventh Wallace, three hundred and ninetyhve,) that said island belonged to the State of Kentucky; Now, therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of the y,;0i0C,,(i,,,, of General Land Office be, and he is hereby, required to issue a certificate land by repressor.- of new location to the legal representatives of Samuel*®Vare, authorizing **§*"f*S °f 5********* them to locate said certificate on six hundred and forty acres of any “‘"°‘ land in what was Missouri Territory, subject to sale. Approved, December 28, 1876. CHAP. 14.-An act for the relief of Thomas Van Dozen aud his assigns for lands. DML gg, 1g7g_ Whereas, by the organic act of Washington Territory approved March i>,—s,,mi,i,,, second, anno Domini eighteen hundred and fifty-three, sections sixteen and thirtysix of of the public lands in each township were reserved for school purposes; and whereas, the legislature of Washington Territory, by an act passed January twenty-third, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty-three, did authorize the board of county commissioners of any county to sell at private sale such portions of said sixteenth and thirty- sixth sections as were by prior settlement in the bonafide possession of any person at the time of the approval of said organic act; and whereas the county commissioners of J etierson County, in said Territory, did, at a regular term thereof, held at the county seat of said county, on the third ' day of February, an no Domini eighteen hundred and sixty-four, under and by virtue of the power given in said act of January twenty-third, anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty-three, sell and convey to,Thomas Van Duzen, for one dollar and fifty cents gold coin per acre, the northeast quarter of section thirty-six, township twenty-nine, range one west, be being a bona-tide settler on said land prior to the passage of said organic act; and whereas said sale and conveyance were made in good faith, and with the belief that said county commissioners had power to make it, and said money has gone into the common school fund of said Territory, and said Thomas Van Duzen and his assigns have made valuable improvements on said land, and are without remedy: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the title to said northeast W1 f quarter of section thirty-six, township twenty-nine, Washington Terri- ,,,,?3‘;?£S‘2}w"D‘;l_ tory, be, and the same is hereby, confirmed unto the said Thomas Van W, ,,O¤m,,,mj_ Duzen, his heirs and assigns in fee simple. Approved, December 28, 1876.