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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 56, 62, 63. 1876. 33 the indictment is found, or the information is instituted within three years next after such offense shall have been committed. But this act shall not have effect to authorize the prosecution, trial or punishment for any offense, barred by the provisions of existing laws. Approved, April 13, 1876. CHAP. 62.—An act concerning cases in bankruptcy commenced in the supreme courts April 14, 1676. of the several Territories prior to the twentyseeond day of June, eighteen hundred —·r—-———— ’ and seventy-four, and now undetermined therein. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Repwesentatépes of the United States of America em Congress assembled, That in all cases in bankruptcy _ Brwkruptcycases commenced in the supreme courts of any of the Territories of the United ;;g‘;;."*‘£°: *%P° States prior to the twenty-second day of June, Anno Domini eighteen mnt gsm Ot'? '°` hundred and seventy-four, and now undetermined therein, the clerks of ‘ _ ` the said several courts shall immediately transmit to the clerks of the . district courts of the several districts of said Territories all the papers in, and a certified transcript of, all the proceedings had in each of said eases; and the said clerks of the district courts shall immediately file the said papers and transcripts as papers and transcripts in the said district courts. Sec. 2. That the clerks of the said several supreme courts shall transmit 'l`¥‘M¤¤fc¤j to be the papers and transcripts provided for in section one of this act, in each case, to the clerk of the district court of the district wherein the bank· SiamI ' rupt or bankrupts, or some one of them, resided at the time of the ming of the petition in bankruptcy in said case; and as soon as the said pa» pers and transcript in any case shall have been transmitted and filed, as herein provided, the district court in which the same shall have been so tiled shall have jurisdiction of the said case, to hear and determine _J¤¤r1sdi¤ti¤¤ of all questions arising therein, and to iinally adjudicate and determine the d'“°"°° °°“"’· same in all respects as contemplated in other bankruptcy cases by the _ ROE £‘I1lJlClBd “AD act to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy _R- Sqtifsle lxi, p. throughout the United States/’ and approved March second, eighteen 9°°‘ hundred and sixty-seven, and amendments thereto. Approved, April 14, 1876. CHAP. 63.-An act to provide for u. deiicienoy in the Printing and Engraving April 17, 1876. Bureau of the Treasury Department, and for the issue of silver coin of the United ""‘?‘——···· States in place of fractional currency. · Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ _ States of America in Congress assembled, That there be, and hereby is, AI’P“’P"“*‘°“"· appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of one hundred and sixty-three thousand dollars to provide for engraving, printing, and other expenses of making and issuing United States notes, and the further sum of forty-eight thou- United State sand dollars to provide for engraving and printing national bank “°g’“,;. I b k ‘ notes, to be disbursed under the direction of the Secretary of the ,,0,,;,:101)** an Treasury. SEO. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby directed to issue Silver ¤<>i¤¤ in silver coins of the United States of the denomination of ten, twenty, ;9d°‘“;P'°'°” °ff’”°‘ twenty-ive and fifty cents of standard value. in redemption of an equal mma °°"°”°y' » amount of fractional currency, whether the same be now in the Treasury awaiting redemption, or whenever it may, be presented for redemp- Post, 1).210. tion ; and the Secretary of the Treasury may, under regulations of the . Treasury Department, provide for such redemption and issue by substitution at the regular sub-treasuries and public depositories of the United States until the whole amount of fractional currency outstandxix-———J