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CONVENTION—OTTOhIAN EMPIRE. AUG. 11, 1874. 575 been issued, must accompany the tente en Turquie emettront le manrequisitionas aforesaid. The Presi— dat d’arrestation ann que lc predent of the United States, or the venu puisse etre traduit devant proper executive authority in Tur- Yautoritejudiciaire competentepour key may then issue a warrant for etre juge. S’il est decide que, suithe apprehension of the fugitive, vant la lei et les temoignages proin order that he may be brought duits,1’extradition doit avoir lieu Exireflimnbefore the proper judicial authority en vertu de cette convention, le tor examination. If it should then fu gitif sera extrade selon les iormes be decided that, according to law prescrites cn pareil cas. and the evidence, the extradition is due pursuant to the treaty, the iugitive may be given up according to the forms prescribed in such 7 021888. Aer. VL Am. VI. The expenses of the arrest, de- Les irais de Varrestation, de la Expenses. tention, and transportation of the detention et du transport des indipersons claimed shall be paid by vidus reclames seront payes par le the government in whose name the gouvernement au nom duquel la requisition has been made. deinande aura ere faite. ` ART. VII. Anr. VII. - Neither of the contracting par- Les parties contraetantes ne sont OW., cmZ0m,,,(,; ties shall be bound to deliver up its pas tennes d’acc0rder Pextradition to be delivered up. own citizens under the stipulations de Ieurs sujets ou citoyens respecof this treaty. tifs en vertu de la presente convention. ~ _ Amr. VIII. Ama VIII. This convention shall continue in Cette convention restera en vi- C0,,W.mi0,, to force during five (5) years from the gueur pendant cinq ans, a partir de o on tinn e, new day of exchange of ratincation, but la date do Pechange des ratifica— l<>¤S~ if neither party shall have given to tions; mais quand aucune des parthe other six (6) months’ previous ties ne Paura denoncee six mois notice of its intention to terminate avant son expiration, elle restera the same, the convention shall re- en vigueur pendant cinq annees main in force five years longer, and encore, et ainsi de suite. so on. The present convention shall be La presente convention sera rati- R atincatin u, ratified, and the ratifications ex- nee et les ratiticationsseront echan- Where, Wh0¤· changed at Constantinople, within gées a Constantinople dans une twelve (12) months, and sooner if annee, ou plus tot si faire se peut. possible. . _ In witness whereof, the respect- En foi de quoi les Plenipoteir S1g¤¤¤1f¢¤· ive Plenipotentiaries have signed tiaires respectifs Pont Signet en the present conventioninduplieate, double original et y ont appose and have thereunto affixed their leurs sceanx. . seals. Done at Constantinople the elev- Fait a Constantinople, le onze enth day of August, one thousand aout, mil huit cent soixantequaeight hundred. and seventy-tour. torze. [snnr. Guo: H. Bonne. serene.] A.AARru1. [snnni A. Anmri. soma;.] Gno. H. Boxnn. And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts b§¤¤¤·tiily¤¤<>¤ ¤><· and the respective ratiiications were exchanged at Constantinople on ° ~‘“g‘°‘· the twenty-second day of April last: P