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578 TREATY—GENERAL POSTAL UNION. OCT. 9, 1874. Anriorn III. Amrroim III. Lettenrate es- La taxe genera-le de l’Uniou est The general Union rate of post-

  • “bh*h"d· tixee at 25 eentimes pour la lettre age is fixed at 25 centimes for a

simple aftranehie. single prepaid letter. Maximum an d Touteioisgzommemesurede tran- Nevertheless, as a measure of “"““““m· sition, il est reserve at chaque pays, conversion, the option is reserved pour tenir compte de ses conve— to each country, in order to suit nances monetaires ou autres, la its monetary or other requirements, iaculte de percevoir une taxe supe- of levying a rate higher or lower rieure ou inierieure a ce ehiiire, than this charge, provided that it moyennant qu’elle ne depasse pas does not exceed 32 ccntimes or go 32 centimes et ne descende pas au- below 20 centimes. ‘ · (lessons de 20 centimes. VVeigl1tofsingle ‘ Sera consideree comme lettre Every letter which docs not ex- 10**% simple toute lettre dont le poids ne coed 15 grammes in weight shall . dépasse pas 15 grammes. La taxe be considered a single letter. The des lettres depassant oe poids sera charge upon letters exceeding that d’un port simple par 15 grammcs weight shall be a single rate for ou fraction de 15 grammes. every 15 grammes or fraction of 15 grammes.* Charges on un- Le port des lettres non aifran- The charge on unpaid letters P“‘d1““""“· chies sera le double do la taxe du shall be double the rate levied in pays de destination pour les lettres the country of destination on preatlranchies. paid letters. Post-card rates. Ijaftranchissement des cartes- The prepayment of post-cards is correspontlance est obligatoire. compulsory. The postage to be Leur taxe est iixee a la moitie de charged upon them is fixed at onecelle des lettres atfranchies, avec half of that on paid letters, with faeulte d’arrondir les fractions. power to round off the fractions. Conveyance by Pour tout transport maritime de For all conveyance by sea of Bw- plus de 300 milles marins dans le more than 300 nautical miles withressort de l’Union, il pourra etre in the district of the Union, there ajoute au port ordinaire une sur- may be added to the ordinary posttaxe qui ne pourra pas depasser la age an additional charge which moitie de la ta-xc genérale de shall 11ot exceed the half of the l’Union tixee pour la lettre aifran- general Union rate iixed for a paid chie.letter. ‘ Ancriorm IV. Aivrxoms IV. M¤¤‘¤h¤¤di¤<>- La taxe generale de l’Union pour The general Union rate for legal &°·»"’“**°S· les papiers d’aft'aires, les echantil- and commercial documents, pations de marchandises, les journaux, terns of merchandise, newspapers, les livres broehes on relies, les bro- stitched or bound books, pamphlets, chures, les papiers de musique, les music, visiting cards, catalogues, eartes de visite, les catalogues, les prospectuses, announcements and prospectus, annonces et avis di- notices of various kinds, whether vers, imprimés, graves, lithogra- printed, engraved, lithographed, or phies ou autographies, ainsi queles autographed, as well as for photophotographies, est iixee a 7 cen- graphs, is nxed at 7 centimes for times pour chaque envoi simple. each single packet. Maximum M d Toutefois, comme mesure de Nevertheless, as a measure of m““m“"" transition, il est reserve a cheque conversion, the option is reserved pays, pour tenir compte de ses con- to each country, in order to suit venanees monetaires ou autres, la its monetary or other requirements, faeulte de percevoir une taxe su- of levying a rate higher or lower perieure ou inferieure a ce chiiire, than this charge, provided that it

  • By Article 24 of the Detailed Regulations for carrying this Treaty into effect, any

country which has not adopted the decimal metrical system of weight may substitute half an ounce for 15 grammes.