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POSTAL UONVENTION—BERMUDA. AUG. 9 and 29, 1876. ($47 e Ancrrcrn VI. O Letters, and other communications in manuscript, which, from any Pwd 1¤’¤¤<¤¤¤- cause, cannot be delivered to their address, after the expiration of a proper period to effect their delivery shall be reciprocally returned every month, unopened and without charge, to the Post Office Department of the despatching country, but newspapers and all other articles of printed matter shall not be returned, but remain at the disposal of the receiving office. Letters erroneously transmitted or wrongly addressed, shall be promptly Letters wrongly returned to the despatching office without charge. “dd*`°““°d» °*°· Anrrcnn VII. To accommodatethe Bermuda Government, and at the same time Cl<>¤<¤d mail fer mamtain the condition that postage accounts shall not be kept between C"‘"“d“· the two countries, the Post Office Department of the United States will forward, without charge, to the Canada frontier and véceversa, such correspondence, 1D sealed bags of small weight and bulk, as the Bermuda Post Office may exchange directly with the Dominion of Canada, through the United States; but should the weight and bulk of such mails at any time be deemed too great to justify this concession, the Post Office Department of the United States reserves the right to withdraw it, upon giving notice to that effect. _ Amrromi VIII. _ Letters originating in foreign countries and addressed to the United _ Letters originat- States or to Bermuda respectively, on which the foreign and interna- ;“§Iu;g€Bf°'°*S“ tional postage charges are fully prepaid, shall, when forwarded in the °` mails of either country to the other, be delivered in the country of destination tree of charge. Official correspondence between the two Post Departments relating Ofhcial omeexclusively to the postal service, shall be exempt from postage charges. “P°“d‘°“°°· · Aumxcnn IX. Neither Post Department shall be required to deliver any article re- Non-mnilable ceived in the mails, the circulation of which shall be prohibited by the matter- ‘ laws in force in the country of destination. And any article subject, by ‘ the laws of either country, to customs duty or to confiscation, shall, when received in the mails from the other, be treated in accordance with the laws of the receiving country. Anrtenn X. The two Post Departments may provide for the transmission of regis- IRB2e5b0f5d MU- tercd articles in the mails exchanged between the two countries. _ ° °· _ _ The registration fee for each article shall be ten cents in the United R¤s1m¤t10¤ fee States and six pence in Bermuda. Anctronn. XI. ‘ The two Post Departments shall settle, by agreement between them, llgegeils to be 60;- all measures of detail and arrangement required to carry this Conven- t ° Y “g'°°m°“ " tion into execution, and may modify the same, in lilac manner, from time to time, as the exigencies of the service may require. Anzrrcmz XII. This Convention shall come into operation on the first day of October, Commencement and duration.