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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 89, 90, 1876. 49 CHAP. 89.-An act to provide for the separate entry of packages contained in one May 1, 1876. . importation. · —·;-—————-— Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That a separate entry may be S¤i>¤¤¤t¤ *>¤'¤¤y0f made of one or more packages contained in an importation of packed },’;'1;’B§“i§1°§_n°;’l;f' packages consigned to one importer or consiguee, and concerning which ,,,,,1,,,,;,,,, in ,,,,1.: packed packages, no in voice, or statement of contents or values, has been tam cases. received. Every such entry shall contain a declaration of the whole number of pacman0D_ parcels contained in such original packed package; and shall embrace all the goods wares, and merchandise imported‘in one vessel at one time for one and the same actual owner, or ultimate consignee. SEO. 2. That the importer, consignee, or agent’s oath prescribed by O¤q*l¤°f i¤¤P¤1‘*<=Y» section twenty-eight hundred and forty-one of the Revised Statutes, is f;‘;Q§;°§{;;“§f;tQ hereby modified for the purposes of this Act, so as to require the importer ,,,,,,y_ P consignee or agent to declare therein that the entry contains an account of all the goods —-——-innportsed in the -—— whereof -———-

is master, from -—— for account of ——-+ which oath so modi- R·S·28'*1»P·552-

tied, shall in each case, be taken on the entry of one or more packages 1>ee¢,p.247. contained in an original package. But nothing in this act contained shall be construed to relieve the importer, consignee, or agent from producing the oath of the owner or ultimate consignee in every case, now required by law ; or to provide that an importation may consist of less than the whole number of parcels contained in any packed package, or packed packages consigned in one vessel at one time, to one importer, consignee or agent. Sn?. That all provisions of law inconsistent herewith are hereby mpegs, repea e . Approved, May 1, 1876. GHAP. 90.-An act revising and amending the various acts establishing and relat-_ May 3, 1876. ing to the Reform-School in the District of Columbia. ——·——-—- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the institution known as the Reform-School of the District of Columbia shall be in the charge of, and governed and managed by, a board of seven trustees, who shall be Boardoftrnstees. appointed by the President of the United States, upon the recommen- Appoint ment, dation of the Attorney·General, each for the term of three years, but in *°¤¤- such a manner that the terms of not more than three of them shall ex- ' pire within any one or the same year; that one of the trustees shall be President of elected president of the board, whose duty shall be prescribed by the boardboard. . Sec. 2. That the board of trustees shall be a corporation by the name Name ofecrpom.- of the “Board of Trustees of the Reform-School of the District of ¤i¤¤· Columbia,"- for the purpose of taking and holding, in trust for the _ _ United States property of every description which has been purchased, beg? °,;£L‘:,P°’t$’ appropriated, or set apart for the use of the institution, or which may y ' . hereafter be purchased, appropriated, or set apart for its use, or given or bequeathed to it, or to the said board, for its use, with all power necessary to carry this purpose into edect, and to protect and preserve such property, including the land and buildings, fences, stock, fruit, crops, and trees of all kinds. _ Sec. 3. That the board. of trustees may appoint a superintendent, two Superintendent or more teachers or assistants, and a matron whose salaries are fixed ‘*·¤d °mP1°Yé°· by law; they may also employ two or more inastermechanics, a farmer, a gardner, and such other persons, as servants and laborers, as may be necessary, and Hx their compensation, subject to the approval of the Attorney General. Sec. 4. That the board of trustees shall appoint a treasurer, who shall, T¤*m¤¤>¤- xix-··-4.