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Statute Ⅰ.

May 3, 1802.
Chap. XLVIII.—An Act further to alter and establish certain Post Roads; and for the more secure carriage of the Mail of the United States.

Post roads discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post roads be discontinued:

From Pelham to Nottingham West, in New Hampshire.

From Hanover to Scituate, in Massachusetts.

From Bridgewater to Taunton.

From New York to Saggharbor, in the state of New York.

From Schenectady to Sandy-hill.

From Salem to Bridgetown, in New Jersey.

From Lumberton, by Elizabethtown, to Andersville, in North Carolina.

From Rockford, by Scull Camp, to Grayson Courthouse.

From Amelia Courthouse, by Pridesville, to Paynsville, in Virginia.

From Washington to Cincinnati.

From Franklin Courthouse to Jackson Courthouse, in Georgia.

From Goldson’s, by Geesbridge, St. Tammany’s, Mecklenburgh Courthouse, Marshall’s store, Christian’s store, Lunenburg Courthouse and Edmund’s store, to Goldson’s.

New post roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following post roads be established:

In Maine.—From Dennysville to Eastport.

From Machias, by Dennysville, to Scodiac.

In New Hampshire.—From Pelham, by Windham, to Londonderry.

From Haverhill, by Bath and Littleton, to Lancaster.

In Massachusetts.—From Boston, by Easton, to Taunton.

From Hingham, by Cohasset, to Scituate.

From Springfield, by South Hadley, to Northampton.

From Salem, by Topsfield, to Haverhill.

In Vermont.—From Middlebury, by New Haven, Moncton, Hinesburg, Williston, Jericho, Essex, Westford, Fairfax and Sheldon, to Huntsburg; to return from Huntsburg, by Berkshire, Enosburg, Bakersfield, Cambridge, Underhill, Jericho, Richmond, Huntington, Starksborough and Bristol, to Middlebury.

From Danville, by St. Johnsbury, through Barnet, to return to Ryegate.

In Connecticut.—From Hartford, by Coventry, Windham and Canterbury, to Plainfield.

From Middletown, by Haddam, to Saybrook.

From New Haven, by Woodbridge, Waterbury and Watertown, to Litchfield.

From Norwich, by Lisbon, Canterbury, and Brooklyn, to Pomfret.

In New York.—From New York, by Brooklyn, Jamaica, Hampstead, Merrick, Oysterbay South, Huntington South, Islip, Patchauge Fireplace, Moriches, West Hampton, Southampton and Bridgehampton, to Saggharbor.

From Hampstead, by Huntington, Smithtown, Brookhaven, and Riverhead, to Southhold.

From Newtown, in the county of Tioga, by Catharinetown, to Geneva.

From Schenectady to Ballstown Springs, Milton, Saratoga Springs, Greenfield, Hadley, Galloway, Charleton, and again to Schenctady.

From Sandy-hill to Fort George, and through the towns of Thermon and Jay, to Plattsburg, and thence to the northern line of said state.

In New Jersey.—From Woodbury, by Bridgetown, Milville, Port Elizabeth, and Cape May Courthouse, to Cape Island.

From Somerset Courthouse, by Baskenridge, to Morristown.