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FORTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 199, 200, 218. 1882. 101 tbousmxd dollars: Provided, That no money be be appropriated for this Prwiwpurposc shall be available until a valid title to the site shall be vested Titlem the United States, and the State of New Hampshire shall have qodcd he-rjuriseliction over the same. Sec. 2. That the sum of ono hundred thousand dollars bc, and the APP¤‘<>P¤‘i¤¤i<>¤· same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be used and cxpoudcd for the purpose provided in this act. Approved, Junc 10, 1882, ‘ CHAP. 200.--An not for the crcction of n publiq building at Lynchburg, Virginia. J uno 10, 1882. Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Representatives of the United States of America in Oemgrcaa asscmb That the Secretary of the },*Y:fim’l:*'§· Y°· Treasury bc, and he is hereby, autboriz _ and directed to purchase ar $3% ° ° dwg' site for, and cause to be erected thereon, a suitable building, with Hmproof vunlts therein, for the accommodation of the United States courts, post-olico, and other government 0H1cm, at the city of Lynchburg, Vix-- ginis. The plans, spcciilcaticns, and full estimates for said building Puma, cm, ctc. shall be previously made and approved according to law, and shall not cxcaadfortho site and buildiugcumplotothosum of one hundred thorisaud dollars: Provided, That the sitashall lcavc the building uncxposed to dan- ‘ Promgcr from lim in adjacent buildings by an open space of not less than forty feet, including streets and alleys; and no money appropriated for this p1130m shall be available until s valid title to the site for said building Titlcnb he vcsbdin the United 8tut¤s,¤m· until the State of Virginia shall have ceded to the United Staten exclusive jurisdiction over tho_ ammo during the time the United States shall be or remain the owners thereof, for all purposes except tho administration of tho criminal laws of said State and the service of civil process therein. Approved, Jima 10, 1882. ‘ CHAP. 218»-An as tamndth •¤•·ad’a¤uin¤l¤l¤ntié•;•i¤divid¤¤o!xh¤ Stats; um am. ’ or Miuiuippi intzsadicial elise:-hu, thomudiuujn uumu —`!-—£5LL-— to theacmbornj icialdirtrictnftbo Ststn¤fIl£pi¥ n¤di¤ pmvxdnfux-the than sndplawuathaldiugths United Statadidzictcmxrts aidncrthemdxstrict. . · Bo€¢n•¢¢tod»bgtha8a•ataand Houenfkaprasantativesegftloclfniteel Btates of America in Congress augmblad, Thpt the Bmw of Mississippi ,¥;•££ 9* is hereby divided into two districts, which shall be called the northern gid dhmd-f"' and southern districts of Mississippi. Thu northern district shall include North, n dg,. the counties of Kemper, Ncshoba, Winston Noxubcc, Carroll, Attaln., trict. Bolivar, Couhoms, Tunica, De Soto, Tate, hurslmll, Panola, Benton, Tippuh, Tishomiu Alcorn, Prcutizs, Sumlowcr Itawamba., Lec, Monmc, Lowndes, Oktigtrliuha, Choctaw, Montgomery, ércuada, Tallahatchcc, us Fuyctt Poutotoq, Union, Chickasaw, Webster, Clay, Calhoun, Quitman, andgalshuhsg as they ncx exist. The southern district shall §¤¤*h¤1'¤di•· include the residue of uid State. '"° Sm:. 2. That tlmnorthern judicial district of the State of Mississippi N¢>¤‘*h•¤¤ gz as now hereby coustitutnul shall be divided into an eastern and western f53Q2in':'; md division; that the counties of Tishamingc Alcorn, Prcutass, Itawamba., ,,,,,m am,;,,, Lee, Pon tome, Monroe, Chickasaw Clay, dktibboha, Lowndes, Noxubco, Winston, Choctaw, Ncshcba, and 1§.cnipcr shall compose the uastqm Buandividon. division of said northern jndiciql district; that all the other mgntrps embmml in the northern jqdicgal distmqt as now bomb; cousgmupod stm!} mmpose the western dmmcu of umd mrtlaup judicial mgmgs; iJV¤•*•¤ ¤M•· that tluem shall be in ouch year two mms of the States dmtnct · court for the custom division, to be styled “th0 tim United Staten for thu mama: division of the mnhempdmnl glxgtsynct f m &°°m “'* af Hississippil held at the town of Aivcrdeorniu said oastxmgchvnsxou, M; ,0 1,, h,m“ tobeginan the int lmadaysof Apnlaudllctcbcr, respectively, and Abudm.