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112 FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 241, 242. 1882. their borders, including all proper expenses necessarily incurred by said States and Territcxies on mzcount of said forces having been so called into active service as aforesaid, and also all proper claims paid or assumed` by said States and Territories for horses and equipments actually lost by said forces while in the line of duty in active service (excepting and excluding therefrom any claim said State of Oregon may have for money expended and indebtedness assumed or incurred in suppressing Modoc Indian hostilities during the Mogloc Indian wm-, and in defending that State from invasion by sand Indians during tho years eighteen hundred and seventy-two and eighteen hundred and seventy-three, which were submitted to and epaessed upon, by either approval or rejection, by Inspector-General James A. Hardie, United States Army). Said accounts for and 011 behalf of said State of Texas shall be contincd to claims arising since the twentieth day of October, eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and shall include the necessary expenses of defense against Mexican raids or invasions as well ns those for defense against Indian hostilities, and for and on behalf of said Territories of Idaho and Washingmn for said claims arising in the years eighteen hundred and seventy-seven and eighteen hundred and seventy-eight. Annwnueea for Sec. 2. That no higher rate shall be allowed for the services of said ¤•="*?° Wd ¤“*¤· forces, and for supplies, transportation, and other proper expenses, P°“‘m‘°'°° ”°°'l‘ than was allowed and paid by the United States for similar services iu the same grade and for the same `time in the United States Army serving in said States and Territories, and for similar supplies, tmusportn.- tion, and other proper expenses during the same time furnished the United States Army in the same country; and no allowance shall bo made for services of such forces except for the time during which they were engaged in active service in the held; and no allowance shall be made for the services of any person in more than one capacity nt the same time, or for any expenditures for which the Secretary of \V:u· shall decide there was no necessity at the time and under all the cir-‘ cmmztanees. . x Vouehen, evi- 81-:0. 3. That to enable the said officers to make the examination and g?:&=•» Qt;-» *° W investigation herein authorized the governors of the said States and wry of‘"Tm“my Territories, respectively, or their duly-authorized agents, shall iile with . the Secretary of the Treasury abstracts and statements of all such claims by said States aud·Ten·it0x·ies, showing the amounts of such expenditures and indebtedness and the purposes for which they were made,

   and accompanied with proper vouchers and evidence.

Report to he S20. 4. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall, at the earliest prec-

            • 1** *° C°¤S’°¤¤- tncnble time, report to Congress for final action the results of such cxammatiou and investigation, and the amount or amounts found to have

been properly expended for tho purposes aforesaid: Provided, That whenever the exanniuation of the accounts of any State or Territory horembefore mentmned shall have been completed, the same shall be separately reported to Congress, without reference to the dual exammatxon of the accounts of any other State or Territory. 81:0. 5. That any military services performed and expenditures on account thereof incurred during the Territorial organization of Nevada, and paid for or assumed by either said Territory or said State of Nevada, shall be also included, and examined and reported to Congress in the same manner us like serviceu mad expenditures shall be examined and reported for the State of Nevada. Approved, Juno 27, 1882. _ I CHAP. 242.-An net nntlnorizi the Sem:Paeih RaW Compu:

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