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FOBTY-SEVEN TH CON GBESS. Sess. I. Ch. 254. 1882. 119 mounted onlcers one grade higher than that held by him in his regiment or corps, is hereby repealed. BUBSISTENCE DEPARTMENT.-For subsistence of twenty-five thou- Subsistence. sand enlisted men, one hundred and twenty additional half-rations for sergeants and corporals of ordnance, enlisted men of the Signal Servi women to companies (laundresses), one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five civilian employees, one hundred and twenty-five contract surgeons, two hundred hospital-matrons, ninety-three military convicts, and llvc hundred prisoners of war (Indians) in all ten million four hundred and seventy-six thousand five hundred and ninety-five rations, at twenty cents each; for difference between cost of rations and commutation thereof for detailed men, and for enlisted men and recruits at recruiting stations, and for cost of hot coilee and cooked rations for troops traveling on cars; for manual for Army cooks; for subsistence stores for Indians visiting military posts and Indians employed without pay as scouts and guides, two million three hundred thousand dollars, of which amount three hundred thousand dollars shall be available from mom; ,,,,1- and after the passage of this act for the purchase of stores necessary to able from pasage be transported to distant posts in advance of the thirtieth of 'June, °f W- · eighteen hundred and eighty-two: Provided, That to the cost of all sub- Provlsos. sistence stores sold to officers and men ten per centum shall be added to Ten per centum cover wastage, transportation, and other incidental charges, save that tv l>¤¤dd<;d *0 mt subsistence stores may be sold to companies, detachments, and hospitals :0:6: Q5:;: °° at cost prices, upon the certijicate of an officer commanding a company ,,,,,_ g°’ or detachment, or in charge of a hospital, that the supplies are necessary for the exclusive use of such company, detachment, or hospital, and , save alsothat tobacco shall hereafterbe furnished to the enlisted men 1-,,;,,,,,,,, 1,,, 1,,, oaf the Army at cost price only, under such regulations as to cash or furnished at em. credit sales and mode of payment as are prescribed for other articles held for sales under section eleven hundred and forty-four of the Revised R. s. 1144, 207. Statutes: And providcd further, That the cost price of each article shall Cost price, what be understood in all cases of sales to be the invoice price of the last lot dull b• d•¤¤¤•d of that variety of article received by the officer by whom the sale is “‘°· made prior to the tlrst day of the month in which the sale is made: And . _ ovidedfsrther, That no part of the sum appropriated by this ad shall rrombiudunoc K2 used or expended in the investigation of claims under the ast of July sppmpristicnfourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four entitled “An act torestriotthe 13 Bht.,S1. jurisdictionof theOourtof Claimqandtoprovidc for the paymentof certain demands for quartermasteis stores and subsistence supplies furnished to the Army of the United States! and acts and resolutions amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto. QUsnmnmsrnn’s Dm·Am·rmm·.—For the regular supplies of the Quartemauars Quartermaster’s Departmen; consisting of stoves for heating and cook- ¤¤PPh••~ ing; of fuel and lights for officers, enlisted men, guards, hospitals, storehouses, an l oiices · of forage in kind for the horses, mules, and oxen of the Quartcrmasteigs Department at the several posts and stations and with the armicsin theneld; for thehorses of the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of artillery, mounted men of the Signal Service, and such com 'es of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorizedurilumber of o¤cer’s horses, including bedding for the animals; of straw for soldiers’ bedding; and of stationery, including blank books for the Q Department, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms thr the Pa and Quartermaster’s Department, and for printingrpg division and department orders and reports, three million ilve hun thousand dollars : Provided, That there shall mm be no discrimination in the issue of forage against oillcers serving east » of thellississippi River, provided rsqmredby lawto bemounted, . . naw hkwpugcwngrmth valryandartill andfm-the P h of For pure ase of orses e ca L , ¤¤¤ ••• mlm scout;, and girl such infantry as may be monna two hundred 1*****- twent ousau o _ · _ Incidental •x· Forincidentalexpeuses,toW1t= For postage and ¤¤l¤x1‘8¤¤ <¤’d¤¤- penn;