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XV! LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. Pago. Jcmatlum T Updegraji deceased. Joint resolution to provide for tho publication of the memorial uddresses delivered in Congress upon the late J omthan T. Updegraill February 23, 1883 ... 638 Godlove S. Orlh, deceased. Joint resolution for the printing of certain culogies delivered in Congress upon the late Godlovc S. 011:11. February 24, 1883 .. - . 638 R. LL A. Hawk, deceased. Joint msolution to provide for the publication of the memorial addresses delivered upon the life and chamcter of honorable R. M. A. Hawk, of Illinois. February 24, 639 1883-- ... - . Inauguration of statue of Joseph Henry. Joint remlution accepting the invitation of the Regents of the Smithsonian Institute to attend the inauguration of the statue of Joseph Henry. February 639 24, 1883 -; ... - . ... E:¤hibi(ion, 1¢"ranIclin Imrlitute. Joint resolution to provide for admission has of duty of article intended for u. special exhibition of machinery, t00ls,imp1cmcuts, apparatus, and so forth, for tho . generation and application of electricity, to be held at Philadelphia by the Franklin Instituto. February 26, 1883 - -j .. - . L . 639 John W Shaclceqford, deceased. Joint resolution to provide for the publication of the memorial addmssm delivered upon the life and clmmctu of honorable John W. Slmckelford, of North Carolim. March 2, 1883 , . 640 Dqicicncy, clerks, éo., Home of Beprrzscnhzlives. Joint resolution to provide for the deiciencies in the appropriations for salaries of officcrs, clerks, messengers, and others in the service of the House of Representatives for the Escal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty-three. March 3, 1883 .. - ..._., 640 Report of Inlcmedioml Earhibitimm, 1876. Joint resolution to print five thousand copies of the report of the board on behalf of the United States Executive Depkrhucnts at the Intzmalioual Exhibition of eighteen hundred and seventy-six. Much 3, 1883 ... . .. 640 Dcctg of Unmd Slam and Great Britain of May 8, 1871. Joint resolution providing for the termination of articles numbered eighteen to twmtyéivc, inclusive, and article numbered thirty of tho tmatybetwcan the United States of America and Her Britauuic Majesty, concluded at Washington, May eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one. March 3, 1883 ...,_._ 641 Agricultural Report, 1883. Joint rmoluticn for the printing of the Agricultural Report for the year eightoeuhmadregndmd eighty-three. 1=nmh3, 1883 .. .,---}.t§ ..____..,.. , . 641 Ozmgressionul Diuctory . Joint mso uticn auth0r1zmg'the sale 0 Congm.siom.l Du·e¤tury' and the current numbers of the Congressional Record. March 3, 1883 ..._,, . 642 Revised Statutes, additional copies, &·c. Joint resolution providing for additional copies of the Revised Statutes for the use of the Interior Deparunent. Mm-ch 3, 1883 ___,_... -_-, 642 Memm-ia! column, Newbwg, New York. Joint resolution concuming the erection cfu _ at W=¤hing¤¤n’¤ headquarters, at Ncwburg, New York. Muah 3, 1883 . --..-.;;.5;* 9g3Q Report oflcnlll qdiccr, District of Columbia. Joint resolution authorizing the printing of two thousand ‘ W' g’v:8l&¤dxcd exuucopias oftbnmpon of the health of the District ofCo1umbia. March 643 Gmniadon, Un€todStdcsqf Vnwuda. Juintmsnlutinu providing fcrancwmixcd wmmisicn inaccnrdame with the treaty of April twenty-iiith, eightem hundred and sixty-six, withthe United Shim ofVcnezucla. March 3, 1%] .,.. 643

 Jointmso1utiuntopuytheOupim1pa1i4»nmom¤nth’¤¤1:ap•y. Hm·¢:h3, M4

Ciméracta, Poatuuwter—GcncraI. Joint ruolution validating curtain contracts executed by the Postmaster- General. March 3, 1883 .,._,__.._..._._,,..,. - ..._ 644 Inte·mal—reu·nue dies, plates, &-c. Joint ruolution making nppmpriatiom for the alteration of internal- _ rcqenun dies, plates, and stumps, md for providing blanks lb: rebate. March 3, ISS3 . 644