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FORTTSEVENTH CON GBESS. Sess. I. C11. 275-277. 1882. 153 not otherwise appropriated, the sum of one hundred thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall, upon the passage of this act, cause the proper plans and specifi- Pimcations to be niade? so that no expenditure shall be made or authorized for the purchase o a site and the full completion of said building beyond the sum herein appropriated upon the plans to be previously approved by the Secretary of the Treasury : Provided, That no part of Promothe money herein appropriated shall be expended until a valid title to Title. the site of said building, which site shall leave the building unexposed to danger from fire in adjacent buildings by an open space of at least ilfty feet, including streets and alleys, shall be vested in the United States, and until the State of Louisiana shall duly relinquish and release its jurisdiction over the same, and its right to tax said site and the property thereon belonging to the United States. Approved, July 7, 1882. CHAP. 27C.—An act {ortho erection of spnblio building at Harrisonburg and Abing- July 7, 1882. don State of Virginia. —-——-——— Be it enacted by the»S'enate¢vndHo1¢ee of Repreeentati¤cs of the United States of America in Oongreu asscmbkd, That the Secretary of the Hminvnburg, Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorised and directed to purchase a V}; mc bum. site rm-, me emu to be erected amen, e manu building, with are ,.;,,,,,,,,,,;;*5 proof vaults therein, for the accommodation of the United States courts, post onloe, and othm government chess at Harrisonburg, State of Virginia. The plus, lildlnifivtt and fall estimates for said building Plans, mst. shall be previously made and approved according to law, and shall not . exceed for the site and buigg complete the sum of nity thousand dollars: Provided, That the selected shall leave the building unex- Proeiao. posed to danger from nre in adjacent buildings by an open spoeeof not · less than forty feet, inclndin streets and alleys; and no money appropristedfor thispurposeshaglbeavuilableuntilavalid titleto the site fcrthesaid building shall bevestedin the United States; noruntilthe State of Virginia shall have ceded to tho’_United States diction over the seme,during the time the United Stlhishall or remain the owners all purposes except the administration of the crngxinglklaws of b and the serivice of 3;:1 process tw A V Also, e e sum is ere appropnw upon same terms ingloe, g. eond1tions,forasiteandpuhliebuildingatAbingdonVirgi11ia xpmw Approved, July 7, 1882. , ’ 3H.AP.217.—An•¤tto¤e•t••distri¤t£1¤thai¤:pecti0¤ofhuDs¤u1boHu¤o£ July 7,1£. · sto“m.v@}·. ' Be itesaeted tIe&s•t¢a••dHo•••eo Repreeentct·i·veeof theUn€ted . States of Aug in Congress assembled, éut for the inspection of hulls md; fh},',}; and boilers résteam-vessels there is herebyczeaéegszbbcdgblpgidbgfrn- 1,,., b,;;,;,, 5 spectorsto atG•§olis,Oh1o,’ inw’ ere oneeteemmae _ inspector of hullsand one mspseten of boilers, one of whoa; shall be G•mP°“•» O*¤°·_ transferred fromtheoniceotthebealboard ofirgaectors at Cincinnati, Ohio, and onefrom theolceof theloedbcard inspectors atWheeling, West Virginia, each of when shall receive per annum the same cempemeneu. compensation he maybe receiving atthe time of the passageof this aevaudthereafterinoaeeofavueancyin theoheeofmspectorof h hulls or in theomeeof inspectors! boilaqsuoh vaeaneysbsll be alle!} mL°•¤°*°°· °" gncthzargaérner provided in section i»rty·ibur hundred andiitteen of the R_g,_,_,,5’S,,5_ vi tatutes. · Approved, July 7, 1882.