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FOBTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 375. 1882. 193 Improving Gowauus Bay: Continuing improvement, twenty thou- Gowauus Boyl sand dollars. Improving harbor at Port J eifersou, NewYork: Completing improve- Port Jofcrson ment, eight thousand dollars. Harbor- Improving harbor at Pnltueyvillc, New York: Continuing improvo· Pultuayvillu ment, four thousand dollars. ‘ H•¤‘b<¤- Improving Sumpawauus Inlet, Long Island, New York, two thousand S um p aw an u ¤ dollars. Inkt- Improving harbor at Roudout, New York: Repair of existing works, R0nd0utHarbor. two thousand dollars. Improving Shccpsbead Bay, New York: Continuing improvement, Sh¤¤1>¤b¤¤d Bay three thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Wilson, New York: Continuing improvement, w*1°°° H”"°'• ton thousand dollars. · Improving harbor at Eric, Pennsylvania : Continuing improvement, Em Hum- _ twientg m&H%Dd§101bH. r. cc- ur 1- at arcus oo · onus; vania: G011d1I11i11g. operations W b¤¤‘» · fifteen thousand dollars: That this sum shall be expended °“;,,,®· · under the plans of the engineers as approved by the Secretary of War. ° Improving harbor at Delaware Brcakwater, Delaware : Beginning Delaware Brukthe work of closing tho “(hp,” or opening, between the two works "“°°' H*“”"°'- · which admits the northeast galcs to the aucbomgo, one hundred and twentydvc thousand dollars: Provided, That the Secretary of Waris Proviw. hereby authorized to use any unaxpcmlcd balance remaining of the appropriation made under the act of Congress approved January twenty- third, eighteen hundred and eighty for the purpose of removing certain wrecks from the harbor at the Delaware Bmakwater and the entrance thereto, and in the main ship-channel of tho Delaware Boy and River _ for the purpose of removing any wrecks now or hereafter existing in the said Delaware Bay or Delaware River. Ice-harbor at the head of Delaware Bay and for removal of sunken I°° WW MMI piers in channel back of Bundy Island, Delaware: For commencement :{° D°h'“° Bqofwork, twenty-tivo thousand dollars. . Improvi:&harbor at Wilmington, Delaware: Dccpaningtho ¤hanqo11b;¤¤¤¤¢¤¤H¤- and impm g from five.r·to,Wi!mimg- ‘ r , . Improving harbor at Baltimore, Maryland: Continuing operatnons WMM Huiur shortening and deepening tim channel to twentyseven feet ats mean *’°'· low water, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Improving harbor at Breton Bay, Loouardtown, Maryland: Ccutin- Bmw Bw Haruiug improvement, live, thousand dollars. b°'· ‘ Improving harbor at entrance of Saint Je1·0mc’s Crock, Maryland : wH§¤P°:»$¤*=¤¤°° Continuing operations tivo thousand dollars. Cmd:}" ‘ That the sum of tau thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be °* mu"] gs 0* necessary, bc, and the same is hereby, appropriated, to be expended Mgt Ohm; under the direction of the Sccrctary0fWar, in completing the surveys ,,,4 p.1.w,,, of a ship canal to connect the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays; and the Bays, ow. Secretary of Waris hereby directed to report to Congress which of the various muws surveyed will aiford the greatest protection in casa of war and the greatest facilities to commerce by cbcapcuing the cost of transportation from thecity of Baltimore to the Atlantic Ocean together with the cost of said improvement and its approaches, and the annual cost of maintaining and operating said canal when constructed. Pro- P~¤*••· vided, That nothing herein shall be construed to commit the Government to proceed with the construction of the said iiuprovemeut. The Scm·c· Sv.? if; tsry of Wm is hereby directed, at his discretion, to canoe xm examinav M to M than or survey, or both, and estimates of the ws: ot improvement proper ,,,,;,,,,;,,,8, Cm to be made between City Island and New Rochelle Harbor New York; Islam! and New nudimimting Nmchauml around Glen Is1aaq¢1,th•oxpcn¤¤oi?su¤I;s¤rv¤av* 2*** .H•¤*••¤‘» wbapdduntof t|•a•m¤¤¤t•ppu~oprist9§i¤ thinacztcsnaxmamufms · xxi!-——·13 ·