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198 FOHTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 375. 1882. Alleghenykiver. Improving Ellleghelny lltiver, Pennsylvania: Continuing improvement iitteen thousand dollars. I Chester creek. Improving Chester Creek, Pennsylvania: Contiilning improvement, three thousand dollars. Schuylkill mv- Improving Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania: Continuing improve- °’· ment, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Delaware River. Improving Delaware River between Trenton, New Jersey, and Bride - burgh, Pennsylvania: Continuing improvement ten thousand dollars. Improving Delaware River below Bridesburgh, Pennsylvania; Continuing improvement, one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars, of ghéch sum eleven thousand dollars for improvement of Smith’s Island Improving Delaware River at Schooner Ledge, Pennsylvania and Delaware: Continuing improvement, forty thousand dollars. Improving Delaware River near Cherry Island Flats, Pennsylvania and Delaware: Continuing improvement, one hundred thousand dollars. Bmw! Creek- Improving Broad Creek, Delaware: Continuing improvement from _ its mouth to Laurel, five thousand dollars. Indian KM!- Improving Indian River, in the State of Delaware, ten thousand dol-

rBr¤•¤ik¤¤Kiv- E Inzprovingd River, Delaware
Continuing improvement,

· ve onsan ollars. Duckilreek. Improving Duck Creek Delaware: Continuing improvement at its mouth, two thousand dolldrs. Hi¤pi¤i¤¤¤n•k· Immlpving gtléspillhzgn Creek, Delaware: Continuing improvement, . thousand o Pier, Delaware Constructing pier in Delaware Bay near Lewes Dela : C ti . 3*5% ¤°*' If"°•· ing construction, thirteen thousand dollars. , wm on nu Chester River. Improving Chester River, Maryland: Continuing improvement hom _ Spry’s to Crumpton, six thousand five hundred dollars. ctoptmkmvu. Improving hoptank River, Maryland: Continuing improvement between Denton and Greensborongh, five thousand dollars U bwumpngmf Improving upper water-passage or thoroughfare between Deal’s Is“‘5•::l mm: Island and the mam-land on Darnes Quarter, Maryland, five thousand had an Dum., dellagsa; and the unexpended balance of lower thoroughfare is approquam. m · pria t0_ the upper passage or thoroughfare. e ,_ maP¤t¤¤¤¤h“ I xr; mproving the Potomac Riverm the vicinity of Washington with refer- W c ence to the improvement of navigation, the establishment of harbor hfneér, and the raising of the flats, under the direction of the Secretary _ 8;; in accordance with the plan and report made in compliance witht nvsr and harbor act approved March third eighteen hundred and eighty-one, and the reports of the board of engineers made in comphaucewiththe resolution of the Senate of December thirteenth eighteen _ hundred and eighty-one, four hundred thousand dollars. 7 aalttemcyoen - Aild It IB hereby made the duty of the Attorney-General to examine dm::¤m¤¤iMHuc•:: all claims of the title to the premises to be improved under this appro- Premises to be im_ priation, and see that the rights of the government in all respects are mend, atm secured and protected; and if he deems it necessary he is authorized to cause a suit or suits in law’br in equity to be instituted in the name of the _Un1ted States. in the supreme court of the Distriht of Columbia against any and all claimants of title under any patent which in hi; opinion was by mistake or was improperly or ille ll i ed f pazrxttof the marshes or Bats within the limits of theeapfopzsszd iiiiprxlg Amb IJ, H I ’ • • • . · . . • mg? °k W ° ¥’° Hvfnlgzzlggilagggigt Hope River, Virgxmaz Continuing improvement, _ ae atcr mproviug Black Water Ri V‘ · ·,. · · _ mgmt, h . “*‘i"*> °“°.*b¤g¤¤¤d five num1::.i’.;,,°;?,T ’ F"' °°'"Pl°“°” °*` “”P'°‘ °‘ · a e m · ‘ · - - - - . . . mma mmy me i d|;;;>§;¤Sh0mlny River, Virginia: Continuing improvement, Janes River. Improvin J: Ri V· · * · · five thousan€l el:;]!?;;;, wr, ulgmhh Conmming mp"°V°m°“*:“V°”tY‘